IRB Sevens World – Gold Coast Sevens 2011 highlights

Show 1 in the IRB Sevens World series for the 2011/12 season featuring highlights form the Gold Coast Sevens, round one of the HSBC Sevens World Series.
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28 thoughts on “IRB Sevens World – Gold Coast Sevens 2011 highlights

  1. Kenafritek Kampuni

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  2. TargonTheDragon

    I was just wondering a couple days ago what had happened to my favorite
    music makers. So glad to see your back!

  3. Julius Becker

    +Jens Kiilstofte may i use your music in my YT videos, when i link you in
    the discription
    Sry when i ask here but i don’t understand the disciption about this on
    your website (i’m german ^^)

  4. Icarus the star kid

    Sooooo gooood listening to this and playing Street Fighters 2 on my good
    ole Sega Genesis! It just belongs with the game. Amazing work Jens :D

  5. UncommonFiber1

    I’m currently making a game in Unity, and I would like to put this music in
    a boss battle or something.
    I will put credit into the game, before you ask :)

  6. Rob749s

    I love this. I just imagine Van Damme saving some damsel in distress by
    bashing faces and escaping just as the building explodes.

  7. Caspar Abelmann

    I like how you always put your personal twist to your music, Jens. 😉 I can
    recognize those 1/2, 1/4, 1/4 bops in a matter of seconds. ;)

  8. Spencer Gage

    Ah…the 80′. Such a wonderful era for music like this. Too bad I wasn’t
    actually born yet.

    But seriously, Jens, get some 80’s singer, make up some vocals about
    something generic and 80s and have them sing to this! IT HAS TO HAPPEN!

  9. DinosaurOmelet

    Hi Jens, i love your music, and your musical taste. You make really elegant
    music. Thanks for sharing your work :)

  10. Johnny Slipknot

    can i use this track on one of my videos as long as i copy and paste
    your Attribution Text???

  11. Jarrardo Likes

    I’m yet to here a bad song by Jens Kiilstofte. Awesome job man and thanks
    Machinima Sound i use your music in my videos all of the time! :)

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