Steve digs gold sanded in beach today 02-27-2013

We are having such a tough winter season so far here at the Jersey shore……Like last winter we have been dealing with sanded in beaches as a steady diet f…
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22 thoughts on “Steve digs gold sanded in beach today 02-27-2013

  1. Andre De Boer

    Very nice to see another one of your video’s. I did learn a lot by watching
    your video’s. Thanks from the Netherlands, The DutchTreasure

  2. Bob Paxson

    Good job…you make it look easy. I’m learning that it is not, but I am
    enjoying the process. GL&HH

  3. Melinda Pleasant

    good clean vids !! Nice finds !!! I just recieved my new Excal 2 from
    Kellyco, so I am feeling the fever !!! I cant wait to hit these North
    Carolina beaches soon !! maybe go to VA Beach too .

  4. AmericanCoinHunting

    Thanks for the video.I learn so much more from your detecting videos than I
    do from other beach & water detecting channels. Now…If I only would hunt
    the Chicago beaches more than the parks. I may get some gold.Following your
    Tips & Tricks..Congrats to Steve on that 14k ring !

  5. StudioCityNewJersey

    Does a storm like Sandy hurt or help hunting by moving sand and soil that
    has been in place for years.

  6. DigginDoc

    Nice hunting and video. Always learning something. Waiting for my new shaft
    for the excal so I can go for the gold also. Cheers Doc


    Enjoyed the video alot, i use the Sovereign GT at the beach fantastic
    detectors like the Excal without the waterproof jacket 🙂 GL HH grats on
    the gold

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