Charles Nenner;Buy Gold and Silver & sell stocks says top Wall Street Guru

Charles Nenner;Buy Gold and Silver & sell stocks says top Wall Street Guru

Charles Nenner; Keep Buying Gold About Charles Nenner In 2001, Charles Nenner founded, and is president of, the Charles. Charles Nenner;Buy Gold and Silver &…


BUY GOLD NOW – BIGGEST INVESTMENT EVER – CHINA SECRET PLAN Courtesy: flaskofcoffee It is very well known that the EVIL ILLUMINATI [Senior Freemasonry] New La…
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16 thoughts on “Charles Nenner;Buy Gold and Silver & sell stocks says top Wall Street Guru

  1. orangedac

    China has very little gold even if you take their (fake) official figures
    and quadruple it. They would not want a switch to a gold standard as their
    hoard of US treasuries would be worth a lot less. They would certainly like
    to have the largest hoard of gold in the world to be independant of US
    control but they don’t. The gold market is too tiny to house even 1 months
    worth of the huge trade surpluses they generate. They are however buying
    their entire domestic production of gold.

  2. Ria Gonzales

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    Academy. They will help you to learn more.

  3. Michael Schwab

    I think you missed the point zys714. The masses are individually ALREADY
    purchasing gold incredible rates. They are driving the price up at a rate
    that is similar to the growth rate of their own currency. They see it as
    MORE VALUABLE then their own currency. It’s the same thing that’s happening
    here in the US.

  4. noah jayden

    hai friend , i know one website in china to purchase gold,surely you will
    get good dont waste your time ,go through w w w. i p m t – f m s
    . c o m.

  5. macdaddylorenzo

    Very interesting. Can you please provide links to examples of these Chinese
    Government advertisements promoting the purchase of gold? I know that
    Canadian Mint advertizes its own gold & silver collectors’ coins . . .
    maybe this is just a common practise of national mint producers

  6. alsatian9130

    HorseShit. Buy Ammunition. Buy spare parts. Buy the equipment to make your
    own lead cast boolits. Get a lee classic reloader kit and rubber mallet.
    Get primers. Learn how to make your own extruded single-base smokeless
    powder. Get blade sharpening tools. Wood stove. You can now be warm, and
    cook. Water filter, search that. Water distiller. Search that. Maybe a nice
    bow. Learn to make arrows. Spears are nice. FUCK GOLD AND SILVER! THEY WONT

  7. EVWarehouse

    “Gold is the money of kings; silver? is the money of gentlemen; barter is
    the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”

  8. ADHDDoctorDAD

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. You are right. I have been reviewing
    documents about which central banks of which countries are buying gold now.
    China has made the biggest and most surreptitious moves of all such
    countries. It also appears to have made the biggest moves in the last 5
    years of any country, although Russia has made more noisy moves. The
    brilliance of getting its populace to buy gold by running TV ads is
    stunning and don’t let the world know the central bank is hoarding it.

  9. Ria Gonzales

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    found at Gold Trading Academy. I have watched it and I am starting to earn

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