Silver and Gold Joe Strummer Slide show

Slide show of Strummer to Joe and the Meskie’s Silver and Gold. Because Joe deserves all the props he can get! 1st Vid I’ve made.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Silver and Gold Joe Strummer Slide show

  1. annie wotton

    “and I’ll keep listening to the great Joe strummer, cuz through music we
    can live forever” – rancid: indestructible.

  2. Jonathan White

    You’re alive and well with me Joe. Thanks for standing up and taking action
    toward what you believe when you were here. Your spirit lives on

  3. Al Patterson

    “okay that’s a take!” That’s so haunting. Gives me chills. The world is a
    little easier to deal with when you listen to Joe’s music but at the same
    time it’s been a lot darker since he left.

  4. bakedlizard

    this is my favorite song joe did even though it was a cover it sounds
    great. i was watching the documentary on him and the mescaleros and it
    amazed me that he was such a down to earth guy i mean going out on the
    street handing out flyers talking to people, but what really amazed me was
    the fact that no one noticed who he was and didnt know even after he told
    them it was rather sad and it makes me kinda mad that they got to me him
    and not me.

  5. VonKirsch

    Thank you Joe!! If you only new what you have done for me! Silver and Gold
    – One hell of a Cracked Pot! Much Love!

  6. Sue Bennion

    Fantastic Vid mate..well done Fella!!!! A very fitting tribute the main man
    himself,nice one!

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