Geometry Dash – Clubstep All Coins

Geometry Dash – Clubstep All Coins Video recorded with Everyplay. Download Geometry Dash on the App Store: https://every…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Geometry Dash – Stereo Madness – All Coins Video recorded with Everyplay. Download Geometry Dash on the App Store: https…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Geometry Dash – Clubstep All Coins

  1. L.T.P


  2. Gamer Ragezz

    How can you guys pass this shit, i passed all levels, theory of everything
    2, blast processing etc: but this one, fuck it, ill skip it.

  3. Chris Ward

    0:45 I was never good at Flappy Bird
    0:56 I fly too far up about 80% of the time
    1:04 I don’t understand why but this part is rage-inducing
    1:09 Fuck that
    1:16 The reason Clubstep is rated Demon
    1:23 My record. I hate this level…

  4. Vermillion Geometry Dash

    – Me playing Geometry Dash
    – Completes Clubstep with all coins
    – So happy
    – Celebrate
    – Upload to Everyplay
    – Upload completed
    – Looks on Everyplay
    – Video not there
    – internally crying
    – Thanks Everyplay…

  5. TheTaylor259

    I just….I just….I just have no words to tell what I am feeling, I just
    have an emoticon… O_O

  6. Devin, AKA Try Lemons

    I have to say, any one who did this is a pro, I did it now every one at
    school praises me and that’s how you get popular folks

  7. Benjamin Ong

    Just finished clubstep with all coins, i think i feel the pain you gone
    through trying to get all coins xD

  8. Firestorm

    I’m just playing Base after Base, and in three lives I’ve got (in
    succesion, no start death or anything in between) 97%, 96% and.. 97%! Just
    let me win :(

  9. P3LB Anxious

    They nerfed the third coin in the latest update… that coin was so hard
    before. Beginners will never understand the pain trying to get that third
    coin. Am i right? +AleXPain24 +Darnoc703 +weoweoteo +Norcda Childa To all
    you beginners out there. Don’t think your good because you beat Stereo or
    Back on track… Try beating all of them like me and the people i tagged…
    Theory of Everything 2 is the hardest level on the default levels on
    geometry dash. As for the hardest level i have ever beaten was +weoweoteo ‘s
    Lake of Fire…

  10. TxpCryptoX

    I came because of jacksepticeye’s video, I seriously thought there wasn’t a
    third coin until I saw that little gap at the top

  11. DIYGeeky

    I’m on can’t let go on lite version I can’t do the upside down part I’ve
    done half of it that’s all

  12. 31Wild2127

    Was the third coin really that hard to find for everybody? It was easy to
    find for me on practice :P

  13. Fluffy Tails

    *reads ppl saying this level is easy on trailer* *goes on practice mode and
    finds out how to get the 3rd coin* *rages* *watches this vid* *dies*

  14. Susan Chen

    Are you serious the third coin there hidden? Actually I just figured what
    coins are for… Collecting! 

  15. Whip's studio

    I found the third coin while on practice mode, looking for it, and when I
    found it I was like holy shit!

  16. AnimatedSignature

    +Geometry Dash Darnoc How do you record with Everyplay (G. Dash) because I
    can’t 🙁 .

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