Heroes of the Storm : “Floor Painted Gold” (Gameplay) | TGN Squadron

The TGN Squadron is back with more Heroes of the Storm gameplay. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo fusion – otherwise known as the “Blizzard Dota”…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Heroes of the Storm : “Floor Painted Gold” (Gameplay) | TGN Squadron

  1. Steve Walsh

    Absolutely hilarious, my favorite video to date bar none. Punisher’s an
    awesome addition to the team…I didn’t mind the no mic/video at all (in
    fact I think it added to his “character”). I started watching squadron for
    the shenanigans, and this is a definite high mark in my book. Keep it up

  2. Jack Bandit

    They need to make an entire map based around the smiley face.

    Nova’s third tint of her original skin is ghost kerrigan.

  3. Eric Storm

    2:47 Pally-PunisherJJE best comic duo ever. I can’t remember how long has
    been since I laught so hard xD

  4. maximillian nobes

    3rd aw that feelt good
    u bunch of pea brains… love it though!^^
    btw pally how do u get white objective markers?

  5. Yami Fenrir

    Someone please make a video with Hengests “I bring the end of days!” line.
    I want it as my ringtone, my alarm sound, my doorbell, my steam
    notification sound, everything. ITS SO AMAZING.

  6. Twilight Storm

    Makes me want them to put in an achievement. This Ain’t Mario: Have any
    character on your team die with 100 coins on Booty Bay

  7. DamnDaimen

    I would like to see a drink’s counter by everyone’s face cam. Just so we
    know exactly how drunk these doods are.

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