Boating Gold Coast

some good times on the boats.
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Alex Hiam hits the Gold Coast with his homies to have some fun jumping cliffs and riding BMX around Pizzey Skatepark and the GC Compound. Hang out with Alex …
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28 thoughts on “Boating Gold Coast

  1. David645207

    You have some real talent Alex, if your not sponsored, you should be. Wish
    I had your riding skills!


    holy shit bro. you did kill it. I am old bmxer 40 years old on mt hood
    Oregon. and I don’t believe what I just witnessed from such a young dude.
    my lord. I do old school flatland etc and some small skatepark stuff. if
    you search…………bmx time traveler mountainous…………you will see
    my old ass riding lolol. you killed it bro.

  3. Freediver HD

    3:08 360 Spin + Decade to late truck diver. Incredible. And this kid look
    not even 15 years old!!!

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