McCullough: Gold Showing A “Clean-Cut Buy Signal” | $GLD

During the Q&A portion from today’s Morning Macro Call, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains why Gold is flashing a “Buy” signal in his proprietary model, a…
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4 thoughts on “McCullough: Gold Showing A “Clean-Cut Buy Signal” | $GLD

  1. wiredsloth

    these guys are good, great advice

    gold has changed from a commodity to currency, i think 1250 will happen,
    probably see 1340 first, then a correction and hopefully 1600 next

  2. CaribSurfKing1

    Silver is just breaking through its almost 4 year, May 1 2011, downtrend
    line as well!
    Is the multi-year pain finally over for Silver Stackers?
    Its looking like it!

  3. Peter Baum

    What about the Gold miners. If gold does rally many that were near death
    could survive and even thrive. With most being at lows not seen since the
    GFC, could this be a great buying opportunity?

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