Will people buy gold for $15,000?

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25 thoughts on “Will people buy gold for $15,000?

  1. TheCashistrash

    @2000xlt yes there will be very rich people willing to purchase it from
    you. Altho it will get difficult to justify a high price for most people.
    So my advice sell it when you start hearing everyone say buy buy buy. When
    you hear people talk about it in the street on almost a daily basis that is
    the time to sell, because shortly afterwards Gold will crash.

  2. TheCashistrash

    @jea740 from studies inflation starts the moment that the money is printed
    which started when bush passed tarp in his last few months in office. Obama
    passed more stimulus spending. From the point in which the money is printed
    till the moment it hits the streets is usually 3-5 years. It has already
    been 2 years. People are expecting a rediculous amount of inflation the
    next few years. technically it has already started. Silver has gone up 50%
    in last 12 months and gold about 30%.

  3. davincij15

    Will people buy gold for $15,000? Answer: Will people buy paper money when
    they see that world supply of paper money is $63 Trillion and growing at 5
    trillion a year?

  4. smalden

    @GoldSilver588 I have not heard any other financial guru’s talking about
    this. It seems to be an easy rebuttle against what Ron Paul, Mike Maloney
    and Peter Schiff are talking about in terms of money supply, but I have not
    heard anyone bring up this argument – namely that the government is simply
    printing the money that was ‘lost’…

  5. proofdat

    can you help me on how the process works so when we have a new currency you
    trade it in for obvious reasons because that new currency wont crash but
    what type of silver or gold to buy?

  6. rupertmja1

    Yes they will, because bread will cost you $150 and will be rising faster
    than gold so you will want gold for stability.

  7. OzClawhammer

    IMHO this is a case of ‘Apples and Oranges’. The 1980 spike was related to
    the Hunt Bros. cornering the market in Silver, Au and Ag are traditionally
    linked and gold followed silver “up”. It had nothing to do with the
    Russians in Afghanistan or inflation and economics which is why it fell as
    rapidly as it rose. To extrapolate a high of $15K/oz based on a peak caused
    by market manipulation is poor logic.

  8. DetroitLove4U

    Why is that there are all these figure spot price ounce amounts? You have
    $4K, $5K, $8K, $10K, $15K, what’s next? Makes me think of the Y2K scare.
    All this and that and a bag of chips and what did we wind up seeing – just
    a bag of chips. Videos should not make such analytical adumbrations. Both
    markets are manipulated more so silver. If JP Morgan could be lifted from
    the silver market realm of manipulative control silver would spiral upwards
    endlessly. Hyper inflation – I call it SUPER INFLATION

  9. nayanmalig

    I live in asia & sometimes i found it difficult to sell silver because
    there seems to be plenty round. the difficulty in selling gave me a lot of
    pain. not so with gold. every tom dick & harry wants gold including banks
    here. no bank wants silver. maybe we’re missing something big in this
    silver explosion story. who’s right?

  10. Boulos Zaaitar

    Can someone tell me that if the price of gold and silver skyrockets, and
    cash becomes trash, we could see the prices go to infinity, and there
    really wont be a price for gold and silver because no one will want to
    trade it for useless money. If everyone holds onto it and doesnt want to
    trade their gold and silver for useless cash that isnt worth anything, then
    what will gold and silver really be worth? I would really love to get Mike
    Maloneys opinion on this. Thanks

  11. vincentca2004

    @back2thefutre whatever one ounce of gold bought you back in the 50s and
    60s would buy the same today, maybe a little less due to technological
    increases so lower production costs. If back then you could buy milk with
    one ounce of gold, in terms of dollars it will cost $1500 to buy milk at
    this time, as an example of course. So the answer to your question is yes,
    its not about the size of the number, its about what other people will give
    you for that number 😉

  12. zdrux

    @nayanmalig Silver will always lag behind gold. The typical person on the
    street isn’t investing in Gold yet, that’s how early we are in the Gold
    market, when the regular person will finally want to get in on the gold
    action, it’ll be too late, and they’ll all pile into silver, so it’ll take
    silver a few years to catch up to gold. It’ll start late, and finish late.

  13. publicanimal

    @Zoughi Money is created out of thin air and disappears into thin air. It’s
    called the Federal Reserve System. Wake up.

  14. Real Name

    @debtinterest doesn’t explain it well, but I think he’s trying to say the
    Federal Reserve prints money, not the government. Which is true, the fed is
    privately owned, it is not the government

  15. danny3571

    People got to understand that 15000/oz gold in the near term is possible
    only if the economy goes into some sort of hyperinflation. But then
    everything else will go up by the same amount and in the end you gain
    nothing in relative term except protect your original dollar value. This is
    not a get rich scheme but rather a hedge against inflation.

  16. Kat Strat

    If hyperinflation did occur, you’d be stupid to trade it for $15,000
    worthless paper dollars unless you had a plan to immediately buy something
    with it. Hoard it and wait for a new currency to be in place before you
    start spending. You will have preserved your spending power.

  17. TheCashistrash

    @acts131 remember both gold and silver is MONEY. Gold and silver coin
    dealers are sorta like Banks. you are going to sell it to them in exchange
    for paper money. Some banks already are purchasing gold.

  18. fightnight47364

    Denon13…… ? Selling books, marketing campaign, who cares….. deflation
    and inflation is nothing more then a rollercoaster ride, thing is if you
    aren’t stacking then YOU wont be able to even pay for the ticket to get on
    but best believe YOU will be in waiting line.,with currency that will have
    no intrinsic value. Ride the bull for the duration or be a spectator, just
    remember the bullriders get paid spectators dont. KEEP STACKING!

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