Garage Gold: Gold Hog Paydirt ep6

Checking out the Gold Hog Paydirt… I ordered some Gold Hog paydirt off eBay to check out. It was nicely packed and did have some color. Check it out. Apologize in advance for the jump…

Many videos tell you where you can farm to make x amount of gold but when it comes down to it, they all require the auction house. Here is a video to cut tim…
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33 thoughts on “Garage Gold: Gold Hog Paydirt ep6

  1. prospectingron

    with a bag of paydirt like that, i would only pan a few tablespoons at a
    time to ensure i dont miss anything.

  2. Danny Reynolds

    George is no different in Indiana you got to take your time is bossy flower
    gold you might find a few good nuggets but that’s neither scoop here is
    cube there you got to file the line on my words walk the line the gold or

  3. Jason Lemasurier

    Need to season those pans. And use a little jet-dry to break the surface
    tension of the water. With gold that fine it can float. 

  4. michael therrien

    I agree with Chris as I just watched Doc’s 26 minute video and picked up a
    couple more pointers.

  5. !! ROCKET !!

    The guys at gold hog are awesome! Doc is a great man and has a lot, A LOT
    of prospecting experience. He has even built reputable equiptment and has a
    very reputable business. Two thumbs up to gold hog!

  6. Michael Graves Outdoors

    Wow ! I have some pay dirt ill sell u from clear creek in golden colordo !
    I go down once a week and and get 5 to 10 pounds of pay dirt after runing
    it through my slu box i kinda build up a supply so when i get board in the
    winter i have something to do ! 

  7. GettingGeorgiaGold

    Most of the material you get from their testing cons bags come from around
    White County (directly in the GA gold belt). The results you show in this
    video is really low (not something he would sell, it would be set aside and
    cleaned up at a later date). I know this personally as I have worked
    beside Doc numerous times over the years (check my videos to see for
    yourself along with his videos. I’m the Chris that appears in several of
    his videos while doing pre-production testing of some of his equipment.)

    I’m more than sure with your panning methods you lost a ton of the fine
    gold that GA is known for. Another bit of advice, lose that black starter
    pan. They are nice in the beginning, but later you find that the rounded
    riffles are not much help. Don’t bounce your pan up and down in the water,
    fluid forward and back movements which will allow the water to act as a
    natural wave will work out for you much better.

    Last bit of advice about the cons that Gold Hog sells is to watch the stone
    closely. You will typically find garnets, silver topaz, red and blue
    corundum (ruby and sapphire), small emeralds, amethyst, etc. Now and then
    you will also find a small chunk of white quartz that may have gold in it
    (not talking about the rutilated quartz).

  8. mike lamorte

    quit stopping every two seconds to check if you have anything you still
    have blondes in your pan. pan it out until you all you have is black sand
    and heavys

  9. Zamolxes77

    Oh my God, I bought the very same basket to screen fertilizer. Sometimes,
    especially on 1 month old fertilizer (or wet), you get clumps. The machines
    I was using were very sensitive, a small clump the size of a dime could
    clog it, and it would require to stop and clean the hopper. Screening all
    the fertilizer when pouring it in the machine’s hopper was the solution,
    and in the beginning we used very same basket !

    Eventually we end up using fine poultry mesh to achieve same results but
    way faster. Might want to look into it, but if you screen only 1 pound a
    time, is not necessary. We were screening 1 bag of fertilizer, 50 lbs in 1

  10. AsaSSinuL

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  11. Tina Mina

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  12. zepp1337

    Nice guide, but that TSM addon is REALLY confusing for me, everyone says
    it’s a awesome addon for goldmaking, but I just don’t know what to do with
    it. Can anyone help me with the basics so I can earn som gold? 🙂 thx

  13. Steve Fennelly

    So basically, I could buy a shit tonne of ore for like 30g a stack (ghost
    iron), prospect, craft the gems into the best sellers/sell raw and just
    make sure nobody undercuts me, by checking the AH twice a day? I did that
    same thing late cata and made myself about 50k, how do I push past that
    stage and start making the real gold?

  14. BipolarScrapBooking

    Please enable your thumbs up this is good info. Dude!!!! yOU HAVE 1 MILLION
    gold O.o WTF

  15. Kristi Turpin

    >w> *Takes all the info* I shall test this theory, Mr. Sylur, seeing how I
    am generally always broke in WoW. :O *Slithers away*

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