Parker Schnabel Speaks | Gold Rush Aftershow

Take a look back at the young miner’s first season as the boss of Big Nugget. Watch GOLD RUSH Fridays at 9PM e/p on Discovery. |…

GOLD RUSH - 「シュート!」GOLD RUSH サヨナラスタート編

GOLD RUSH、あの伝説的サッカー漫画との、前代未聞コラボPVを公開! 累計2000万部、伝説のサッカー漫画『シュート!』が、 前代未聞のコラボレーション! 今回の為だけに、大島司先生書下ろしオリジナル …
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31 thoughts on “Parker Schnabel Speaks | Gold Rush Aftershow

  1. Clement Theunissen

    He doesn’t know what he is doing most of the time and that is your boss
    ahahaha Jack-ass lol

  2. bob springfield

    I hope you hit it big kid you deserve it. The rest of them turds should
    hang it up/Whats up with fred he tries to screw you on the power board and
    then gets pissed when you do the bridge

  3. mrbenj316

    I wonder if there is a place to gamble on what piece of machinery is going
    to break on the newest episode.(:

  4. Walter Warossmann

    What this host would actually like Parker? Parker is too kind, after a
    minute the conversation to end . The moderator has zero unaware of anything
    presentiment what is shall the interview?

  5. iuliana olaru

    ciao parker….anche a me mi e venuta la febbre del oro….intanto ho
    comprato un metal detector…..hahahahaha….ti auguro la miglior peppita
    d’oro…..ti sto seguendo sul discovery e tifo per te. un forte abbraccio a
    tuo nonno.

  6. John Ratko

    Okay, Schnabel, be smart, get a job at the mine who’s owner has a hot
    daughter. Okay, Doyle, be smart, get a permanent camera at the mine who’s
    owner has a hot daughter.

  7. Garnett M.

    Now the old timer is`nt in the picture so much -How much is his crew
    helping themselves to before Parker even see`s it – Oh lets ramsack the kid
    he won`t know .

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