How to get a Shiny starter in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Basically you do this except don’t have a cart that doesn’t save. I’m really cool and use shitty equipment that doesn’t work. Anyway, the most important thin…

25 thoughts on “How to get a Shiny starter in Pokemon Gold and Silver

  1. MikeyTaylorGaming

    For those of you that say it doesn’t work, It actually DOES work. The RNG
    (Random Number Generators) in this game aren’t actually random. They work
    via ‘seeds’ which are planted in this game by the internal clock and when
    specific things are done.

    Search pokemon RNG manipulation, you’ll see that you can get a shiny first
    time every time if you time everything exactly right haha It’s a difficult
    thing to do though!

  2. Connor Cavanagh

    I found a shiny pidy on gold soon as u walk into the grass but couldn’t
    catch it cause u don’t have balls 

  3. James Cook

    Shiny ho-oh, lost to my game freezing in pokemon heart gold, found one
    literally 5 minutes later and caught it

  4. Kora Zukai

    That was hillarious, also, your game needs a new battery because I had the
    same problem with my copy of pokemon gold

  5. Patrick Beirne

    My Gold cartridge was like that too. The problem is the battery; it’s the
    same thing that runs the clock, so it constantly drains over time. I just
    changed it a couple days ago, it should last about 6 years or so…it’s
    really easy to do yourself, and really worth it. Costs about $5

  6. klooger28

    one time i wanted to see how much exp mewtwo would give so i saved before
    fighting him, killed him, then reloaded the save and he was a shiny :o

  7. Travis Land

    Me to my little brother as I turn my volume down: “He’s gonna throw an
    “That is a fuckin’ shiny!”

  8. Sean Cartwright

    Ah i remember when i caught my shiny zubat in that cave under cycling road
    in pokemon diamond, but got lost cause i didnt have flash and had to
    restart my game…

  9. Son B

    Funny thing about the time is that you always overslept. When I originally
    started this game I was home sick and woke up 3 in the morning and started
    playing got the message that I overslept and thought. “Man, Elm just
    doesn’t fuck around.”

  10. D3AR GOD

    Caught a shiny Golbat a few years ago on pokemon emerald in victory road
    cave, evolved to a crowbat and still have to this day.

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