Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bonds, UPDATE with David Morgan

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Silver and Gold Stacking as Savings! Saving Money!

My thoughts and experiences on using precious metals as part of your savings plan. You have to start somewhere! Take control of your financial situation, get…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 thoughts on “Gold, Silver, Stocks, Bonds, UPDATE with David Morgan

  1. ArgentOrangeOK

    Ugh! I remember being in a crap ton of credit card debt. We were in the
    middle of it about 5 years ago when we found out we were expecting our
    first child. A month later, I was laid off from my job. When I landed
    this job, I worked loads of overtime, we ate rice and beans, and paid off
    all our credit card debt and a new vehicle over the next couple of years.
    We’ve never gotten another credit card and never buy new vehicles now.
    There is freedom and peace in not owing someone money. And there is
    definitely a sense of accomplishment and money well-spent with a bit of PM
    tucked away.

  2. Nfarer

    Can you clarify something for me please? Example: 10oz pamp silver bar
    bought for $250. Local coin shops, and even APMEX is offering a bug price
    of $175. Why do some things like ASE’s retain their premium? A friend was
    informed by my local coin shop that ANY silver will be bought by them for
    spot price. “Silver is silver”. I do not agree with this, but a little
    confused why vendors are not purchasing these semi-numi’s even CLOSE to a
    premium. If this is the case, and true, why even bother with anything other
    than generic rounds. Thanks. 

  3. Jonathan Maes

    I agree man. I love using extra money to buy more silver and gold. I have
    a great stack going right now and I will continue it for the rest of my
    life. It’s a great addiction. Investing in yourself.

  4. Pat TheHombre

    Good little clip from a guy who is thinking smart and explains the why’s of
    stacking with sensible explanations.
    I enjoyed. Keep up the good work with your silver.
    Christmas greetings from the Great White North.

  5. Joes World

    Great video. Im subbing. Working on stacking silver. Doing small things
    like packing my lunch instead of buying it at work, not buying the new gun
    I dont need, not doing the dumb shit I normally do, Ive been able to put
    back some cash and thats gonna be buying me silver real soon. Good
    perspective man.

  6. John Sterner

    That’s fantastic you have your gold and silver coins, it’s beautiful!
    But why do you have a couple thousand in 100 dollar bills?

    Paper money will continue to become devalued. A dollar today is worth LESS
    than a dollar tomorrow. And what will happen to those dollars when the
    (seemingly inevitable) death of U.S. dollar comes knocking…

  7. paparoti11

    I like the notion of : Since you really must spent money to sell happy , at
    least buy something that retains value , indirect savings and yet satisfied
    the need to spend money…Since i started stacking , i enjoy spending and
    yet able to ” Keep ” my money that i spend, totally agree with that ..
    Thanks for the video.

  8. University of Silver

    This video was inspiration to keep stacking. I initially started stacking
    to convert a bit of my fiat dollars in my savings account into silver, but
    somehow I’ve been able to just buy the silver and still have my savings
    untouched. It’s all about being a great saver and prioritizing. Now if I
    want to (which I do), I can still take my untouched savings and convert
    that into silver! :)

  9. John Strat

    Agree with you, except I think buying American Eagles or Canadian Maples is
    best, not bars, or rounds.

  10. burbshunter detectsilver

    Nice video, your story is similar to mine, I was a spender too. I know you
    know what your doing but I would start buying Canadian gold instead of US
    minted gold, I just had to unload a couple ounces in a hurry and was told
    from every buyer the US gold is not worth the same since its 22k even
    though its buillion. 

  11. Joshua Rose

    i went through the same thing you went through, im doing good now at work,
    saving money stacking silver and gold, if i would have had the mentality
    back then i do now id be rich

  12. UrbanGarage

    Liked the comment you make at 2:30 about comparing how much silver you
    could buy versus spending the dollars elsewhere; you described me exactly!
    I’m in a similar boat, but a much tighter budget. I’m not contemplating
    purchasing new cars or tvs, I don’t even come close to being able to afford
    those items. I’m contemplating what groceries to buy for the week (what is
    really needed versus what is simple, tastes good, etc.). I have been
    shocked at how low I have been able to get my weekly grocery bill. And what
    has really helped me to stick to my strict budget is I often will make my
    silver purchases first and that removes nearly all temptation to spend. I
    also contemplate when my job offers overtime, I’m thinking I’m tired, I
    can’t wait to go home, I’m done with work today, BUUUT if I work overtime,
    I’m adding silver to my stack. Always a good thing!

  13. appalachian stacker

    This is a really enjoyable video. You make so many good points for
    everybody. I often think back to all the crap I bought that I really didn’t
    need. Stacking for sure does change ones view of needs and wants. There was
    a famous saying during the great depression, “Use it up, wear it out, make
    due or do without.”

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