Kimbra – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra -

2011 WMG “Plain Gold Ring” recorded live at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, Australia. Kimbra’s debut album VOWS is out now in the US, CA, Australia, and N…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Kimbra – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

  1. Alex Bieger

    This version of this song gives me chills every time I hear it. I wish I
    had more hands so I could give this video 4 thumbs up. The harmonic build
    up from 3:10 to 3:37 is haunting. Then she becomes full-on possessed ..and
    even starts speaking in tongues during that little scat section at 4:01

  2. Diane Keeney

    Basic bitches, please. If Billie Holiday came back from the grave you’d all
    be criticizing her “faces” and “ramblings” and “pitch.” You need to develop
    your palettes or get the fuck out of the soul kitchen and back to
    McDonald’s. Kimbra is damn good at what she does.

  3. Dec1pher7

    Two things I love. Her singing style and also her body movements. She
    expresses her voice with her body in such an interesting way. Its very
    interesting for me to watch.

  4. Madame Princess

    When she sings the music possesses her you only see a music taking the form
    of a beautiful women.

  5. pagansforbreakfast

    Can a recording engineer tell me why she is using two different mics and
    singing into a different one for some parts of the song?

  6. rootsm3

    A lot of people get uncomfortable watching her perform because they know
    they’ll never have the guts to be that unhinged. She is 20 fucking years
    old during this performance. If at that age your rendition of a jazz
    classic becomes the standard way to perform it, you are a musical prodigy
    and have every right to not give a single fuck about what twits think about
    how you do your thing. 

  7. Jeremy Treadwell

    I LOVE this video, her passion abounds around 4:00 – it’s purely magical. I
    love her style!

  8. Milo Hazoff

    This woman blows away the most popular female singers today yet gets little
    love. Why? The main target audience in the music world is clueless.

  9. Theoria Apophasis

    she needs to fire the audio technician that keeps putting her behind the


  10. Evie Rombal

    Ya’ll in the comments dissing Kimbra are cray cray.
    I can discern musical talent from mediocre stuff when I see it. This is
    musical genius and creativity right here.
    And just gotta say this Live at Sing Sing Studios is her best (most
    beautiful) recordings of all her live videos on Youtube.

  11. annabelle7123

    love this singing, her ad-lib around 4:00 is just mesmerizing, I wish it
    went on forever…….. would love to go to her live concert one day!

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