Madden 15 Ultimate Team How to get COINS and ELITE BADGES! Madden 15 Ultimate Team

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SWTOR: Earn over 3,000 Cartel Coins just by playing newbie levels

Legacy. It’s a good thing and it serves as a benefit to all your characters in that legacy. But by following this guide–which is not a hack, cheat or exploi…
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50 thoughts on “Madden 15 Ultimate Team How to get COINS and ELITE BADGES! Madden 15 Ultimate Team

  1. XOneOneSixX

    The only reason to do this shit now is for a shot at an elite badge. You
    get an elite, it’s all worth it. Or, if you get two gold badges, you can
    make a good profit. Stadiums now rarely go for less than 500, popular teams
    can go for at least 1k. Bronze badges rarely sell for more than 700. So,
    this method is only really worth it if you get an elite, or even two golds.
    Other than that, you’re going to make your money back or a small profit at

  2. Roland Mane

    Remember me? I met you when you had just a few 100 subs and you told me to
    sub to your channel!

  3. Ben Cola

    Don’t listen to shake this guy just started to play madden this year and
    just buys everything 

  4. Michael Merchant

    You can just do the easy way too and use all the of your points that you
    have to buy irl like he did you watch the video.

  5. Kody Kunkle

    I did like 3 of these things and all I got were bronzes and maybe 1 silver.
    Waste of time and coins. The MUT gods shit all over me with bronze pasted

  6. Christian swincicki

    The value of everything is going up now lol. If you find anything less than
    500 it’s almost a steal. But bronze badges are going for like 950-1100. A
    good badge can go for 10k and ELITE BADGES ARE GOING FOR FREAKING 55k +
    it’s ridiculous how quick these things shot up. Then they took the two
    cheapest coin buys away so you have to pay 5$ to get coins. But I sell all
    my things cheap almost like I sell the players that go in sets because I
    know people are looking for them

  7. bancomerpesos ™ | Madden 15 and Nba 2k15

    yea does anyone know what he was talking about with the left bumper 

  8. Blake Disouryavong

    I was watching this and opening some badge packs and i pulled 2 elite
    badges in the same one! Your good luck lol. 

  9. Jacen Simms

    While the concept sounds simple enough, the time spent doing so isn’t
    really managing your time well. Let’s assume the person attempting this has
    played through the game enough to know the basics of leveling. It would
    take an average of say an hour and a half to get through the starting
    planet. Do 2 characters and that 3 hours alone. Do all 8 and that’s 12
    hours and just to get 180 coins. In the simplest way to look at it if you
    wanted to make the equivalent of the uploader’s math and the amount of
    money spent which was the $29.80, why not just work an extra 2-4
    hours(depending on a person’s hourly rate) and use that money to buy the
    amount of coins the uploader talks about?

  10. Nicky Kasan

    About a month or so for 30$ of cartel coins. I’m already half way through
    all the servers and its not that much of a grind. Its more fun for me
    becuase I’m just on Skype with my friends while I do it.

  11. Pvt. Church

    Can u just delete the account that you finished and start over, or would
    that get rid of said gained cartel coins?

  12. Michael Calina

    Great guide! I know this is not the place for this but I was wondering if
    you can help me? I recently got back at this game with a legacy lvl of 9
    but that was way before any of this and i have a lvl 44 sith marauder on
    one of my f2p slot and just made an imp agent because i want to play it for
    the story, and i want to know if i should delete my SM? And if i really
    need to delete it which character should i make on my extra slot?

  13. ForemostCrab7

    im guessing that this only works one time per class, i dought it will be
    ungained so you can do it again and get more coins or can you?

  14. ZickZak

    So with this let’s say you get 10 CC per hour… why don’t you just go do
    dishes to some pub for three hours and buy them instead of spending 2
    months doing the same 30 quests?

  15. Prince Of Darkness

    man fml this do this ower and ower holy cow, i only want enough for another
    crew skill XD

  16. Fatbag

    So let’s say it takes you 1 hour per character to get off the starting
    planet, that’s 8 hours per server, so to get all the credits, it would take
    you 136 hours … to save 30$. I don’t know for you, but I value my time
    much more than 21 cents per hour.

  17. ajaxjs

    I think even a chinese gold farmer would look at this guide and say, “Damn,
    now that’s a grind’.

  18. Eric Zeng

    I am pretty sure each different server requires a different legacy, but it
    still accumulates to one cartel account I think.

  19. TheAvyxx

    To add onto his ideas here, PvP rewards CC for playing PvP. This means a
    level 15 can earn like 100+ CC

  20. ratsa Eagle

    Yea I am playing as a kefi sentinel and I need 60 cc to unlock a crystal
    for my legacy how do I get the other 20 cc

  21. Phizicalz

    At the moment Pre-orderers that have sub have 12 x xp boost so it no wonly
    taks around 30 mins for 1 Class instead of 2-4 hours

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