Silver falls to the $17s – Sept 19, 2014

Silver falls to the s - Sept 19, 2014

The desperation I felt yesterday in the sentiment manifested as panic.
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25 thoughts on “Silver falls to the $17s – Sept 19, 2014

  1. Dylan Dog

    Glad I sold all my silver last year …yes I suffered a 50% loss but also
    it was wise liquidating all my shit @ $22 rather than having to wait until
    today and sell @ 17 ….I must say fools like you were the reason I went
    like a fool to invest hundreds of thousands in Silver and Gold …wish I
    never listened to you and your alikes ….

  2. Rex Argent

    Don’t listen to pumptards. Silver is a huge buy. Don’t sell. Hold the line.

    You all are going to be amazed at where silver ends up. That’s right UP.

  3. elmo mariolix

    think of it this way. what would you rather save in? dollars or silver? I
    think silver. So think of it this way, everything you buy is just saving
    regardless of the price of paper which one day can be wiped out. think
    silver can be wiped out? not a chance. once you change your way of thinking
    you never get caught with the price fluctuations. 

  4. cosmosgato

    Forget about *investments* but if there are beautiful rounds *YOU JUST
    REALLY WANT*, this is a good time. The silver market is finally opening

  5. Grapeape104

    Joe, just curious, why do you do videos on silver? People that do videos
    are usually an advocate for something. What are you an advocate for? When I
    first started listening to you, as your name applies, silverfuturist, you
    had strong views to purchase silver and why it was a precious metal. What
    changed for you? Are you saying you were wrong? Are you saying you’ve
    liquidated your position and are no longer a buyer at lower prices?How have
    the fundamentals changed from 2008?

    Why don’t you go on record with what you are doing instead of criticizing
    others like you are above everyone now. Why the suit? Who are you trying to
    be? What happened to Jackie-O? I miss the old joe, you’ve changed.

    I no longer agree with your views. As you said about Harvey in a previous
    video, just because the price has gone down does not make you right. 

  6. Todd Strandberg

    Someday silver will be at $100 per oz. You don’t increase the money supply
    10 fold since 2004 without the rules of basic financial math kicking in at
    some point. Silver can keep going down for several more dollars. The people
    are waiting on super cheap price will never buy, and they will only jump
    back in when the price hits $60 to $80. 

  7. MaxZagar

    Silver and gold are savings vehicles, they are not in my opinion for
    speculation. The point is to transfer wealth from one generation to
    another. There is no tax or other penalties to pay. Naturally you have real
    estate and some cash as well as equity investment. What happened to the
    “All eggs in one basket” ?

  8. JoeCognescenti

    There may be an alternate universe existing on a divergent timeline
    where silver is $10,000.00 per ounce and people throw gold away in the
    trash. There is a tremendous arbitrage opportunity for anyone who can
    travel between these universes.
    I am working on a solution.
    There may also be an alternate universe where chess is only played by
    idiots, and losing is the point of the game.


    I said it before I’ll say it again. If you bought at $35 don’t worry you
    can sell it for a profit later. Just wait and be patient…. Everyone
    want’s to make a quick buck. The bullion market hardly ever moves fast…
    It was a silent market for decades. It made a bubble and went crazy one
    time. Everyone thought they could get rich quick. Let it go silent again
    then the next bubble sell for a profit above $35. Don’t worry every-ting
    will be alright mon.. 

  10. dezzdev

    Dude its about buying low selling high or buying pain sell joy.
    I did that, bought in early 2000s and sold in 2011 3 buckets worth.
    Now i’m ready to buy back why? All the bad news are out… Worst news is no
    mo qe. Learn to understand market dynamics and stop pumping your self or
    acting like a wizard.
    I will buy 3-4 times as much now… You with your 2 bit overthought ideals
    u rode it up and down. Wtf is wrong with u? U r not helping utubers, u r
    hurting them.
    Please look at my replies to u in 2011-2012. Real winners dont go public,
    they listen 90% of times and act 10. 

  11. Kurt Mason

    I disagree with your on you say that the silver sentiment is of
    desperation. I don’t see it. I still see a lot of silver stackers that are
    worn, tired, and upset but I don’t see fear, desperation or capitulation.
    They’re worn and tired, but still holding on. I’ve been telling silver
    stacker that silver is going to $10 and I’ve been laughed at over and over
    but now the laughing is kind of slowing down. People tend to forget that
    silver was at $5 a ounce for about 25 years from about 1980 to 2005. And
    the silver price is driven by SPECULATORS. It’s not driven by the cost of
    production. Just because it costs a mine so much to produce it means
    NOTHING. If you have a business and it costs you $5 to produce a widget but
    the free market says that widget is only worth $3, guess what? You either
    find a way to produce that widget at a lower price or you go out of
    business. I go to auctions all the time and I see so much of that silver
    it’s not funny. Candlesticks, plates, bowls, platters, jewelry, etc. It’s
    all over the place. It’s tough to buy there are scrappers who buy to melt
    it and they’ll take it right up to the top but it’s there and availabe

  12. Not8upwthit

    Lol it screws me up when I speculate on my speculation. I probably caught
    your channel very early on and I’ll give you credit for always encouraging
    people to do their own research and base their decisions based on that
    research. So I’m a little surprised to see you lumped in with the other
    self proclaimed silver experts. Perhaps even more surprising is how many
    bought into their BS and are still defending it. The only bet I’d make
    right now is that it’ll be interesting and probably not the way many expect
    it to. 

  13. stork1000

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz………….today these people are wrong…….tomorrow, next
    week, next month or next year, these same people are right………the
    following week, month or year these same people are wrong again……then
    suddenly the next week, month or year these same people are right
    again………but today that doesn’t matter because today I’m right.

  14. mrkarlhey

    One day for sure silver will be worth $200 an oz. But one day the same will
    be true for a packet of Cheerios too.

    Cheerios to the moooon.

  15. Brick Dictator

    This flash sale on metals is not unique. We are at 7+ year lows on coal
    companies and the sugar and cotton and grain etns. Silver has a long way to
    go down to get where it was in 08 09 or even part of 2010 (we have no idea
    or reason to believe it will or will not). With coal miners we think
    sentiment is even worse than the metals.

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