Has a new gold & silver bull market started?

Has a new gold & silver bull market started.

In this video we turn copper pennies into silver and finally to gold. Obviously it’s a chemistry trick but still impressive. First we get 30g of zinc sulfate…

49 thoughts on “Has a new gold & silver bull market started?

  1. Kurt Mason

    all this gold and silver rising is just a dead cat bounce. anyone who holds
    silver should sell it all and put it into bitcoins

  2. SilverCoinNews

    I personally believe this is a short-term relief rally which could top in
    the next few weeks. Then again, this market has acted irrationally for so
    long, who knows what to expect anymore!!! 

  3. ShikamaruTKD

    look at all the asset classes. which asset class can you purchase today for
    the same price or ehem much much lower than in 1980 adjusting for
    inflation… one word silver… keep stacking friends

  4. Joe Shmoe

    I wonder how much $$$ Johnny Blaze and Kurt Mason LOST on $h!tcoin that
    they are here shamelessly trying to recruit more suckers into this scam, to
    try to recuperate some of their losses. We are SILVER STACKERS and we will
    NOT buy into your videogame nonsense, imaginary coins. 

  5. Bob Silver

    Silver is good, but buy apartment buildings, Musclecars, and I sure wish I
    could buy 100,000 worth of gas right now….but the stuff goes bad after
    awhile. I know a guy that has lots of N.O.S. musclecar parts he bought
    10-20 years ago and is making a killing!!! Two N.O.S. 1969 GTO fenders,
    $3000 for the pair…he paid $800 for em 12 years ago. GTO Judge glovebox
    emblem N.O.S. $8000…he paid $35 for it in the 1980’s. He just sold a
    1969 GTO Judge for $220,000. The money he is making is sick, and its tax
    free….Craigslist baby, Craigslist!

  6. Sned Meister

    Two points – firstly rates can go negative, and secondly people buy US
    treasuries because they *have* to…

    To be a Primary (Bond) Dealer in US Treasuries, you are obligated to
    purchase Treasuries as part of FED open market operations…

    Primary dealers – from memory now – are classed as counterparts to the FED
    in such transactions…
    It is a relationship that is probably skewed toward the FED’s favour, but
    not entirely, the relationship is a two way street…

    EDIT – I looked up source material after writing this, and the following
    quote is key for the role of a primary dealer:

    “participate in all auctions of U.S. government debt”

    Here is the link:

    So you see, `they` have to buy them….

  7. databaseexpert

    Rawdog, I have watched your videos for a few years, and I watched when you
    bought silver about a month ago on the LOWEST PRICE DAY. It is difficult to
    predict the future and read these markets, but your analysis is as good, if
    not better than anyone one else I know of. Keep up the good work. Saludos
    from Colombia!

  8. Mr.Maxi.Psycho

    I’ll certainly take a punt on May futures if gold pulled back fifty bucks
    or so, with a stop at 1200…if you’re right its one I could leave on for a
    long time; if not, no huge loss.

  9. CaribSurfKing1

    From a chart technical perspective, Silver is just out of it’s almost 4
    year collapse down trendline!
    Silver stackers should buy Swiss chocolate to celebrate, haha
    If the price stays where it is a another week goes past, it will be
    Any prices higher instantly confirm it i.e. $19

  10. Sou-de- Jah

    Better luck next time in your poker adventures Raw. Precious metals has
    been money for thousands of years and I find it funny people still push
    aside as if its junk. I am too broke to invest in metals so I invest in my
    self learning to garden and so on. Being able to grow your own food will be
    a skill that could even make you a small profit plus supply you with food.
    For sure though metals will rise so for anyone who can invest do it. Peace!

  11. Ace1000ks1975

    Stop talkin about inflation Raw. We are selling a lot of deflation now.
    Dollars buy a lot now, it is nice to have a lot of $$$$$$. You can buy nice
    things for discount rates!

  12. freesk8

    We could possibly see another smack down, another leg down in gold and
    silver. Silver could still go down below $14. Gold could still head down
    towards $1,000. I’d love to see the bottoms behind us, and the start of a
    new bull market in gold and silver, but I don’t see how you can say you
    know now is the start. I hope you’re right, but I see no iron clad way to
    know what will happen. Long term, we PM investors are in good shape. But
    we might not be out of the woods yet.

  13. Rex Argent

    Where’s the Smackdown? They always do it. Get everyone feeling good and
    WHAM! down 10% in 1 hour.

    Best strategy: buy constantly.

  14. lewk_warm

    im waiting to see what happens thurs with the ECB and the possibility of
    punching thru a trendline in coming days. and im just speaking of gold……

    fyi i question the possibility of a V bottom recovery in these things.. i
    can’t see where thats ever happened.

  15. Randy Dodd

    Trying to solve your problems of stress & depression with excessively
    gambling again. Check with Best Buy or Shoe Carnival at the mall maybe they
    will give you a 2nd chance.

  16. Itachi Madara

    Inflation is at 0.6%, 10 year bonds are paying 1.8%, this is a safe haven
    for your money. Every time the 10 year bond rate falls below or looks like
    it’s going to fall below the inflation rate, there is a crisis. 

  17. Joe Shmoe

    These ba$terds will flood the physical market w/ fake silver soon. buy 10
    coins, cut 1 in 1/2 and test it, because physical supply is the REAL market
    and there is still only 1 sure way to fix it. I don’t care where you buy it
    from or what their source is. 

  18. Silver Imp

    You describe it right. Couple of notes: 1. US bonds have more room to run
    to catch the Germans and the Japs near .5% on the ten year. 2. When and if
    QE returns you may see rates rise slightly as they did before. Look at the
    facts, yields did creep slightly up during QE bouts because of an
    expectation of inflation. 3. This time they won’t QE but will lower what is
    paid on excess reserves to try to get the banks to lend the built up QE.
    Right now they get .25%. They could lower this to zero or slightly

  19. SchaefStudiosLLC

    We saw this in July of 2013. Silver bottomed pretty hard and then started
    rallying making higher highs and higher lows for almost 2 months. A lot of
    people were saying that the bottom was in and that we just needed to take
    out $26 for the rally to continue. Of course we know what happened after
    that. If silver closes above $19 I think we have a chance for it to go into
    the 20s shortly after that, but I’m definitely not getting too excited yet.

  20. CampingTaco

    [PERCEPTION 10] I noticed that your hands are very feminine, and many
    people pass you off as a man. Which leads me to believe you are infact a
    female using a voice modifier.

  21. Stop the CPSC

    So what do I do if I don’t have a hot plate. Does a pan on a stove heat up
    to 300C

    Is there a degree symbol on a keyboard?

    And if I can’t get zinc sulfate how am I going to get hydrochloric acid. Do
    I cut my stomach open?

  22. Jack Dawson

    Hello sir, I’m about to perform this awesome chemistry trick myself. Is it
    alright if I use Zinc sulfate heptahydrate ZnSO4.7H2O super pure? Will this
    work. I’ve noticed that the grain it comes in is way bigger in size? 

  23. Tony Dạnza

    I scammed a dozen boxes of cookies off a girl scout once doing this. All
    those thin mints assuaged my guilt quite nicely.

  24. XxHalles133769xX

    So I bought some Japanese Yen coins, one kind is copper, one kind is silver
    (colour that is) and one kind is brass. I decided to clean them by putting
    them all in vinegar over night. Of course when I woke up and had a look at
    them they were all copper (except the one yen coins since they are made out
    of aluminium) because I wasn’t thinking straight at all… damn… I guess
    I’ll have to get me some zinc sulfate which is gonna be hell…

  25. Martin Janda

    in canada they use zinc to turn their copper pennies into gold, in ze
    americas we use zinc pennie to make our copper gold.

  26. tsohgallik

    Oh, look, we have witnessed gold alchemy, I guess this was no longer a
    secret for at least 50 years or something… No more should people ever get
    star struck over a mystery for “gold” alchemy.

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