Holiday Berry Silver & Crystal Smokey Eye Tutorial

Holiday Berry Silver & Crystal Smokey Eye Tutorial Music “Retreat”-Jason Farnham The products I used in this video are: Brushes: 1.Sigma Brushes ( E44,E59,E3…
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25 thoughts on “Holiday Berry Silver & Crystal Smokey Eye Tutorial

  1. jenferlyn84

    This is by far my favorite look that I have seen anyone do here on YouTube.
    I watch some amazing girls too!

  2. marleny teters

    Hi, Maya I just want to tell you how much you inspire me. Im crazy about
    make up and I just love the way you make the tutorials, its have been very
    helpful for me. I just hope one day I can do it as perfect as you do
    it…Great Job!!!!

  3. Christina Wolff

    I have learned so much from Mia’s video tutorials. They inspire me to be
    even more creative and give me great ideas to improve my look. Mia is truly
    an artist. If anyone needs new ideas or just some help on make up
    application, I highly suggest watching her tutorials.
    P.S. I am curious what kind of eyeliner brush is used. The one that is at
    an angle. It looks like it makes eyeliner much easier to apply.

  4. Laura Schaefer

    Your make up has been inspiring. My new 2015 make up regimen will start
    with new Naked Palettes, Smashbox primers, Urban Decay colors and a very
    good MAC base. MAYA MIA eye make up colors and… I splurged on a set of 20
    new brushes. I am blonde/closest to platinum mid chin lenght, olive green
    eyes (Charlize Theron kinda face) and need your best advise on blonde with
    green eyes. Help!! Help! Maya Eiste talantouchoi!

  5. Jean Silva

    Beautiful! I do have a question though and this is not a put down. I don’t
    understand why people put color under the eye then cover it with black. You
    can’t see the color anymore. Just a question, not a attack. I love this
    look and the crystals were amazing! thumbs up!!!

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