Jeannie Shares Her Thoughts on Not Having a Baby

Are children worth giving up your life for them? Jeannie Mai opens up about the future of her family and shares her thoughts on kids in this emotional clip. …
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25 thoughts on “Jeannie Shares Her Thoughts on Not Having a Baby

  1. queline213

    This is why couples need to have premarital counseling before getting
    married. They need to be completely honest about what they want, and share
    their goals and expectations. If he was willing to sacrifice not having
    kids just to be with her, he shouldn’t make her suffer like that. I wonder
    if he told her in the beginning how he truly felt about having children
    before they were married. This is his fault if he was not honest with her.
    I hope she doesn’t decide to have children just for him. This would be a
    terrible mistake.

  2. Mikka Luu

    Please jeannie do not have kids ever… You clearly said you are selfish.
    It’s good that she knows that she is a selfish person, too many mothers
    are very selfish, won’t admit it and have children that hate, resent them
    and wish they were not born. Good for you jeannie, I wish more women could
    be like you. Only a few moms who were originally selfish and dish out a
    baby for their mens sake feel a drastic change in their behavior after the
    birth… Like Tamar for example, a baby was a good thing for her she just
    didn’t know it. 

  3. kiara montiero

    I think its a little, dare I say it, wrong for these women to say “Yeah I
    used to say the same thing too” in response as in “yeah I’ve felt that way,
    you’re gonna have a baby anyway.” I’ve been told that countless times:
    “I’ve said the same things you did and I ended up having kids.” Whatever.
    Not only that, but you aren’t a selfish person if you choose not to have
    children. For example: Oprah. These least selfish person I’ve ever seen and
    she has ZERO children. The opposite of Oprah: one of my aunts, who left my
    cousin at age 2 because she wanted to live the party life and loved her
    career over her child. So its not true when people say things like “once
    you have a baby, you’ll love her/him and want to bond with your little
    family.” If you really KNOW you are NOT meant to have children and you
    love YOUR life the way it is, DON’T have kids because there are mothers out
    there who regret having kids. And I hate when people try to talk you out of
    your decision. Just saying…

  4. Redayvn Hughley

    I don’t harbor hate EVER in my heart, b/c it’s just a waste of
    space…..however I #despise when single ppl or married ppl are condemned
    for NOT wanting kids. Just because God made you a woman, does not obligate
    you to have children. Some people are not made to be parents. Most people
    just don’t get that. I myself am a married mother of 2 boys, one of which
    is by birth, the other by marriage. I never thought I’d see myself with ANY
    kids, let alone 2!! I also became a young mother at the age of 20, so in
    hind sight, if I didn’t have oldest child then, I too probably wouldn’t
    care to have children. Doesn’t mean ppl don’t necessarily DISLIKE kids,
    some are just not meant to be parents. Doesn’t mean that they would be bad
    parents either. I think sometimes ppl put too much emphasis on marriage &
    children like it’s a necessity. If I had neither, I’d still be the same
    person, just with ALOT more freedom to do as I please. Ppl should live they
    way they choose to, w/o consequence. Who cares if no one ever gets married.
    That’s why it’s called #CHOICES. 

  5. GorgBrownEyes

    I absolutely love the show, but I just hope that what the girls reveal or
    talk about on the show will not strain or have a negative effect on their
    marriages or families. Not going to lie, I was afraid of what Jeannie’s
    husband might think since she revealed such a personal issue that they are
    dealing with right now on national television. 

  6. Anna bella

    I’m 22 and have mental health issues (schizophrenia) and it has been hard,
    but i have decided not to have any children. I think it would be unfair to
    give birth to a child and have them raised by a mother with mental health
    issues, i can barely take care of myself at times and it would be
    irresponsible and selfish of me to bring a child into this world. I love
    children, but I choose to be child free.

  7. uploader06

    You say you love a man and cant give him what he loves? i dont get it. She
    is like Cristina Yang on Grey’s anatomy. Is it an Asian thing? lol

  8. Kayla Henneberry

    As a girl who has never wanted a child, I completely relate to Jeannie! It
    terrifies me to have conversations like this about kids, and I have cried
    before about it! It’s very overwhelming the pressure that society puts on
    having children. I am a very selfish person; I love traveling and have big
    plans for my future, and I don’t like kids at all. This along with other
    personal reasons has led me to the conclusion that kids are probably not
    for me. I am 100% okay with that. I just hope that Jeannie doesn’t give
    into what her husband wants at the sake of her own happiness. :)

  9. Jon'Vieve TheInfamous

    Gurrrrl dont feel pressured by these people to have no damn baby… im with
    Jeni and Loni on not having no baby…. im not scared to admit im
    selfish…. I love my time to my self…. and I dont want to share it….
    nor my coin lol…and who ever I end up with gone just have to accept
    that… I got too much to do to have to chase after a baby too… nooo maam

  10. Yessenia Escobar

    Awww Jeanie you and your husband will be in my prayers. A close friend went
    through the same and thankfully things worked out for the best! :)

  11. HiltonPosts

    I understand jeannie very much. I can admit I would be a terrible father
    because i can hold someone’s baby but once they start screaming, kicking
    and pooping I’m like take this baby away from me and don’t bring him/her
    back until tomorrow lol. I just can’t handle it

  12. Christopher Davis

    There is nothing selfish about not wanting kids. There is nothing selfish
    about feeling you have something to contribute to this world.

  13. Cherrese Johnson

    Thank you for this conversation! There are so many women out there that
    don’t want to have children but are afraid to admit it to their peers for
    fear of ridicule. I have found that there are more of us than you think!
    There is nothing wrong with feeling this way. As for your husband, I think
    you should give him your honest reasons. If he really wants children maybe
    adoption can be an option. There are many older children that need good
    homes or you could get a surrogate. There are a plethora of options that
    don’t require the traditional route. I think you should also have a segment
    on the show and invite celebrities who have decided not have children or
    decided on adoption. And maybe some authors like Ellen L. Walker who wrote
    Complete Without Kids or Corrine Maier who wrote 40 Reasons Not to Have
    Kids (P.S. She’s a mother of two) Good luck!

  14. kemery22222

    I think it’s bad advice to encourage someone to have a child when they do
    not truly want one. Just because Tamar didn’t want children and now is
    happy she had Logan doesn’t matter. What if Jeannie has a child and ends up
    resenting that child because she couldn’t do the things she use to do? Who
    is going to end up feeling guilty for having a child they didn’t want?
    Jeannie. I really think she should stick to her guns on this issue and NOT
    have a child she clearly doesn’t want. I have always known I didn’t want
    children and if my spouse claims they feel the same and then changes their
    mind, that relationship will unfortunately end. There is no compromise of
    the subject of children, I shouldn’t have to have children if I don’t want
    them and my spouse should be able to have kids if they want them.

  15. spikeleesa

    They both agreed not to have children, so no pressure should be placed her
    to have kids. However the greatest example of love is sacrifice. If she
    doesn’t want the commitment of raiing a young child there’s always
    adoption, three people could benefit here.

  16. BabyRobbin

    I dont want a baby for the same reasons as Jeanie plus some…A lot of
    people dont realize you are dedicating your life to a child for 18 years
    …18 years of your life plus some if you have more than one. Im selfish
    and I also am a bit too conscious of the fact that every decision you make
    can affect your child..I dont want the pressure and I dont want to (for
    lack of better words)..waste 18 years of my life…but then I think about
    not having a legacy left behind..and that makes me want to have at least
    one…its a hard decision.


    I was Jeannie a year ago…….Then I actually found out I was
    pregnant.When I announced that I was pregnant, all of my friends and family
    were in complete shock because I had been soooo adamant about not having
    kids for so long! I am 32 now with a 7month old daughter who I ADOREEEEEE!
    Up until the day that I actually gave birth and saw my daughter I was
    terrified! It really is soemthing that just clicks within you when you
    become a mom. It made me think ” how the hell did you not want this” ! Its
    amazing Jeannie. Pray on it and counsel about it some more. You just may
    change your mind.

  18. leelee janee

    I understand jhene completly. I dont want kids and i defenitly dont want to
    be pregnant it just doesnt sound fun. But its so nice to see the girls
    comforting her . Nice moment 🙂 

  19. Jonathan Perry

    Being only 20 I have given a lot of thought to having kids someday, and to
    be honest, I think what people forget, is TIME.
    The “Party” years and “Traveling” don’t last forever. Once you hit your
    late 30s “Clubbing” having fun for YOURSELF.Its gonna get old. My mom has a
    friend we visit and her Husband of 40+ years just passed, She spent so much
    of her life traveling going to all these amazing places but never had any
    children, now as sad as it is she has no one to Share her memories with
    anymore, she’s literally by herself doing mourning without any support, no
    family to lean on,

    I know I have my years to have fun, but I’m not gonna be playing beer pong,
    or raging by the time I’m 30. 

  20. Michelle Chinedum Utah

    I may be waaay off, but could it also be possible that she is struggling
    with infertility? That’s not an easy thing to admit, I have family members
    struggle with that and tell people that they simple don’t want kids. They
    would even call themselves selfish, but won’t admit to the infertility. I
    think she is brave for even bringing up her situation.

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