Investment Tips & Financial Planning : How to Start a Mutual Fund

To start a mutual fund, understand the field, consider hiring an accountant and attorney, and think about hiring a third-party administrator when the fund is…

Index Funds vs Mutual Funds

Presenter: Swagat This video will explain to you what an index fund is and what a mutual fund is, the difference between the two and which one we think is be…
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22 thoughts on “Investment Tips & Financial Planning : How to Start a Mutual Fund

  1. jalen pierce

    great video! I think the first time I didn’t have to keep pausing to write
    stuff down although for those not taking notes it probably would be best at
    1.5 times speed! 

  2. jdjude

    This was a very good video. Thank you. As a beginner I think you offer more
    practical information and a clear, simple analysis. If having enough money
    to invest is a problem, does that pose a problem for investing in index
    funds? Can I do that from the start instead of buying individual stocks?
    Also I use online brokerage sites like e trade to buy index funds?

  3. Andrew Sather

    Good breakdown. I agree that most mutual funds aren’t worth the extra
    expense and passive investors should instead look to index funds.

  4. Luke Turner

    Hey man, great video. Helpful and well explained. Maybe you won’t read this
    because it is almost a year old, but I had one thought of constructive
    criticism unrelated to the content. Don’t talk so slow! We will understand
    if you speak how you would in a conversation. Everything else was good and
    answered lots of my questions. Thank you!

  5. jon henry

    Slow but to the point straight talker that seems to come across as genuine
    no BS unlike MOST and probably the best way to talk to people that might
    not know anything about stocks who your trying to get intrested as well is
    to talk slowwww.

  6. Jignya Patel

    thanks great video! ….the way u used research findings to support your
    statement was well done! :)

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