The Three Headed Monster Driving The Stock Market Up and Everything Else Down

Support Acronym TV Food Stamps benefits were reduced for about 47 million Americans on November 1st. More cuts to social saf…
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25 thoughts on “The Three Headed Monster Driving The Stock Market Up and Everything Else Down

  1. Ryan Taylor

    Can anyone offer the source of that picture with the guy on all fours with
    writing on his body? Thank you

  2. Slave2PaperWithInkOn

    CHECKOUT the 3min15 “George Carlin – Its a big club and you ain’t in it,”
    and the 4min15 “A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis,” by Positive Money
    (plus their site + YT channel for backup INFO) Peace

  3. Lynne Gilham

    Why job scarcity? Before the Recession, there was “wage pressure.” Jobs
    were plentiful, there weren’t enough workers. During the Clinton era, some
    companies had to offer sign-in bonuses in the help wanted ads. The
    oligarchs had to get this situation in hand OR wages would go up which is
    unthinkable! It was a crisis! So they engineered this recession to delete
    “wage pressure.” The recession led to a pull back in hiring, making jobs
    scarce. Workers now had to compete for jobs; bosses could choose from a
    plethora of resumes and workers were agreeable to taking lower wages and

  4. pozoblanco1

    No I’m quite aware of the severity of the situation, and have been for
    decades.. Im just waiting for it all to come crashing down.. and 8 out of
    10 people i know dont know or care. They goto their kids soccer games and
    watch their sit coms and bury their head in the sand cause its too much,
    too confusing, and makes people too angry. But what can we do? How do we
    change things when the media never talks about primaries and where money is
    flooding into every facet of our world. People are easily bribed and weak
    minded. I try and tell other people how close peril is and they look at me
    like Im some extremist wacjjob. So frustrating.

  5. Lynne Gilham

    These capitalists are really helping out the peons by forcing low wages on
    them because it is in their best interests. Capital flows to where it can
    create increased profits. That’s why capital has been flowing towards Asia;
    it can increase itself there, it can grow there. By creating a low-wage
    environment in America, capitalists are summoning capital back to the U.S.
    Here it will create more jobs for us. Now that work may be low wage, mind
    you, but nevertheless, it will create a job for you. And that’s good,

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