Silver and Gold at Extorre’s Cerro Moro Project

Silver and Gold at Extorre's Cerro Moro Project

Yale Simpson, a Co-Chairman of Extorre Gold Mines Limited gives shareholders an overview of the progress and developments at Cerro Moro. He briefly discusses…
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Yuri Podladchikov is Russia’s most successful snowboarder.. Yet he now competes for Switzerland, as he moved there as a child. The athlete finished fourth at…

5 thoughts on “Silver and Gold at Extorre’s Cerro Moro Project

  1. Max Dufa

    Поздравляю Юрий! Не только успешные умы бегут из России,но и спортсмены

  2. FarFromEquilibrium

    Cool guy. I like that he was genuine enough to say that ‘fearlessness’ is a
    liability in dangerous sports, because it is , and yet a lot of athletes
    will pretend to be ‘fearless’ when in reality that just gets you hurt doing
    something stupid much of the time. Fear of gravity but courage to face it
    anyway is better than reckless abandon. I hope he does compete for Russia !

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