What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us by Ron Paul 4/4

What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us by Ron Paul 4/4

What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us by Ron Paul. Before the U.S. House of Representatives, April 25, 2006. Gold was at 5 at the time of this speech and i…

11 thoughts on “What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us by Ron Paul 4/4

  1. John Peterson

    Not just our country. Pretty much all countries are doomed. Name me one
    country that doesn’t use fiat currency or one country that does not rely on
    world trade for survival.

  2. ddstar

    lol.. wow. Lets see. The federal reserve prints money on a daily basis,
    when this happens in directly the value of gold increases. WHO WOULDN’T OWN
    GOLD? Are you stupid? Next. If ron paul was really an “insider” he would be
    VOTING for printing of money because in-turn he would see HUGE profits in
    his gold stocks. You are a fucking moron I’m sorry. Ron paul is FAR from an
    insider. If he was an insider he would be passing bills left and right that
    benefit HIM. Which is never the case.

  3. iFreedom4ever

    “But should we wait until the dollar is 1/1,000 of an ounce of gold or
    1/2,000 of an ounce of gold? The longer we wait, the more people suffer and
    the more difficult reforms become.” -Ron Paul Well Ron, the dollar reached
    1/1,224 of an oz of gold today… I guess that answers your question, and
    we should prepare for the suffering.

  4. enlytnd

    agreed sifromeire..but we compartmentalize and donot c the big picture.What
    I mean is that it is no accident that americans r being duped when things
    like fluoridation of the water supply,gov’t taking over the educational
    system specifically to dumb down the population,processing foods to starve
    the brain, etc…Each of us must wake up & take responsibilty & demand that
    our local leaders(congressmen, senators, mayors, city councils, DA’s,
    etc…) be accountable for their actions and inactions.

  5. Luis Castano

    I have lived the Mexico and Argentina monetary crises in the last 12 years.
    Both because the government can print currency freely. Now look at the
    situation in the US, where the deficit is managed by printing money,
    adjustments in interest rates, etc. Same path. Protect yourself with real
    money. To our generation, real money has been the dollar, but those days
    are counted. Real money is gold, silver and platinum.

  6. cowbot2

    There are many who discourage the spread of this knowledge, but they will
    lose if we spread it in a persistent way. Download these vids Dr Ron Paul
    has been educating about banking and monetary policy for 30 years and with
    this candidacy we can get the word out and effect a sea change in
    understanding. As the crisis unfolds, some voices will cry for more
    tyranny. We must organize to force the discussion toward the REAL causes.
    That is the only road to restore prosperity and personal liberty.

  7. ddstar

    Secondly, wouldn’t Ron Paul own stock in LMT, KBR and other M.I.C.
    companies? I think so. if he was an insider he would be with 85% of all the
    other loons. If ron paul was an insider you would be hearing him flip flop
    on issues. If ron paul was an insider you would see that he has lots of
    friends in congress, if ron paul was an insider he most likely would NOT be
    on the gold chair, if ron paul was an insider.. ya you get it. You are a
    moron if you think liking gold is an insider. pathetic.

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