Bullion Suppliers SOLD OUT of Silver – Shortage? Bottom Near? Price Update

UNPRECEDENTED levels of demand being seen as ALL US WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS are sold out. Is a bottom near/ Grab bullion close to spot: JM Bullion: http://tinyur…
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25 thoughts on “Bullion Suppliers SOLD OUT of Silver – Shortage? Bottom Near? Price Update

  1. Scottish Gold

    Suggestion, for Christmas this year give your loved ones gold and silver
    coins. Teach your family about the value of real money. They absolutely
    will not learn in school. They will not even learn how to write a check in
    school; let alone anything about money or finance.

  2. freesk8

    If it were fall, then I would reply that even the Canadian maple leaves
    were falling… But it is springtime, so that joke would not be very funny.

  3. 1redrubberball

    I’d make it a point to remember that and share that story and never
    patronize that dealer again. I bought 2 oz. of gold for $1414 a few days
    ago. I’m going to be patient and see if I actually ever receive it or if it
    gets canceled for some reason.

  4. Marinegreensub

    Went into a bullion dealer on Thursday, San Diego area. SERIOUS metal going
    out the door! The people before me went as follows: Guy #1 bought $5,000 in
    10 oz bars, Guy #2 $2,500 in gold, a lady bought 200 (10 tubes of 20 )
    Libertads, and the guy before me dropped $6000 cash on 10 oz bars. I bought
    two 10 oz bars at $24.95 per oz.

  5. SilverSanctum

    Well, I’m not gonna predict. I’m just saying the best case scenario for me:
    the knee jerk reactions left a lot of people without much dry powder left
    when silver goes even lower. That will hopefully buy time for the premium
    to come down as the shelves restock. Low price with low premium: perfect!
    🙂 .

  6. How To Videos

    I just took delivery of (11) 1oz Silver Britannia Coins today, thats all
    they had in stock on the 15th !!!

  7. 1redrubberball

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  8. halfasheep

    The fabricated of silver coins and bars takes time. It represent a portion
    of the silver market greater silver market and is smaller than the
    industrial market usage. If the fabricators don’t have supply, then that is
    another story and something I would pay attention to. General warehoused
    supply along with the other sectors of the silver market can surely
    compensate and cushion various rises in demand for coins and bars. Go to
    google images and type in “silver usage”, and see the pie graphs.

  9. WhyMeWhySilver

    more than likely because the economy is still very unhealthy the only thing
    I see driving up prices is the physical demand is the markets. I think that
    we may very well hit as low as $18. there is still lots of high volume
    trading. when the technical traders go away I think you will see a slow
    decline if prices. can anybody out there tell me what else would be a
    factor other than physical demands…… the only other thing that I can
    think of is WAR!

  10. almanacaa

    The CIA webot is so smart. I need a program that predicts what I’m going to
    do, so I know what to invest in.

  11. freesk8

    Carbonadium is cheaper and almost as indestructible as adamantium. Mithril
    is found only in Khazad-dûm, and that makes it too hard to come by for
    there to be a rich trading market in the substance. Were there materials
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    wish you luck in your quest to find either!

  12. sidkings

    Do you think they are witholding stock? I was waiting for a the premiums to
    drop on Pnadas but they are not budging on bullionuk. I have a feeling it
    will go lower when people least expect it.

  13. dakippins

    Ah C’mon for fuck sake. Aint no shortages . That story gets trotted out
    every once in a while as a matter of routine. Either you are naive or
    dishonest .

  14. Paul Ruth

    If i’d own a dealership, I’d close the safe and post “sold out” on my
    website with these prices.

  15. RkicF8

    Everywhere I buy silver is out. The US mint shut down now for the third
    time in three months. If that aint a shortage then I need a new dictionary,
    this ones defective.

  16. Cactus Bob

    True cost is .30-.70 per mile ?!?! I think your doing something wrong my
    true cost of driving is less than .05 per mile most of that is insurance
    you should learn how to drive for less plus most towns have a coin dealer
    right in town , mine is 5 miles away , with fair prices (better than online
    when figuring in shipping)

  17. EyeWarnedYouB4

    dak…you better wake up…. “Condemnation without Investigation is the
    HIGHEST form of IGNORANCE” (Albert Einstein)

  18. 1redrubberball

    With a true cost of driving somewhere being $.30-$.70 a mile depending on
    what you’re driving, I’ll buy on the Internet and get more for my money
    than drive 80 miles, round trip.

  19. WhyMeWhySilver

    meanie mining corps at this low price of silver cannot survive in
    production cost. their profits at this price will not cover some of the
    mining companies production cost. therefore they will either have to lay
    off or close.

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