Stock Market Analysis: Understand What The Charts Are Saying

Watch this video as our Chief Market Strategist, Gareth Soloway analyzes the current market environment and what the Pros are trading now. Join the Elite InT…
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Jeff Deist and Robert P. Murphy address the vital topic of Fed interference in financial markets. Are the global equity and bond markets a charade, engineere…
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19 thoughts on “Stock Market Analysis: Understand What The Charts Are Saying

  1. jared pagano

    if people don’t listen and learn to you guys they are missing out! i’ve had
    my best year trading yet with you boys! love it

  2. Mike South

    Isn’t it also the case (referring to the discussion around 10:20 about why
    CPI isn’t going up along with the massive money supply inflation) that some
    of the massive liquidity the Fed provided would also have got locked up in
    banks’ vaults due to capitalization rules from Dodd-Frank? Serious
    question, I’m just trying to understand.

  3. Ed Waggoner Sr.

    Mr. Deist must have been jesting when he said that the Council on Foreign
    Relations was one of his favorite groups. At least I hope so.

  4. Nick Hill

    For as long as fiat currency has been the rage, All economics graphs that
    link amount vs time look like the hockey stick.
    I agree that it is impressive for joe public, but for any serious economic
    analysis, fiat economic factors need to be plotted on a logarithmic Y axis
    as everything in the fiat world compounds. There is nothing to anchor a
    fiat world to the finite limits of the real world, or ultimately and
    perhaps most importantly, the limits of the public’s credulity.

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