OIL CRISIS – Terrifying Consequences for World if Oil Price Drops to $40

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25 thoughts on “OIL CRISIS – Terrifying Consequences for World if Oil Price Drops to $40

  1. Dan M

    Oil could go to under $30-Many oil exporters can’t pay bills so they
    increase production.
    And fracking may become a big deal in Europe, out producing US. And China
    is looking
    for oil profits in Africa. The world is using less oil and more green
    technologies are being
    developed. And cheap(er) oil will give green energy a run for it’s money
    which is why it’s
    bound to go further down.

  2. Ibpn

    I hope, and pray that oil goes to $10.00 a barrel anything that make’s
    the collapse become a reality. the longer it takes the worse it will be.
    get it over now.

  3. Steve Bennett

    Putin thought he could just break international law with impunity and
    violently invade, and take over, a free Democracy like Ukraine. Putin
    laughed at international sanctions, and reveled in the idea that nobody
    could do anything to stop him and his ambitions to redraw old maps. Why?
    Because he could still line his pockets with oil money, and pay all of the
    right people. Not so much anymore. . . If Putin cares about his people and
    their well-being he needs to let Ukraine go and the sanctions will stop.
    Gone are the days when someone like Putin thinks he can just engage in
    such aggressive opportunism and not be held accountable.

    But hey. If Putin doesn’t wanna play nice and leave Ukraine be. . . I
    guess the rest of us will just continue to enjoy saving a ton of money at
    the pump! The GDP of Allied countries have gone WAY UP ever since oil
    prices dropped.

  4. Michael Hansson

    I have been comparing the historic price of oil and financial crises.
    Sometimes the oilprice is at a peak level and sometime there is at low
    level. But I can’t see any consistancy to correclate between oil price and
    a pre recession state.

    When the financial crises will hit, there will be a lower demand for oil
    and the price will drop.

    If you are looking at the moment, it’s not lower demand, it’s higher
    supply! So what is happening with the oil price right now have nothing with
    the coming recession to do.

    The recession could hit within 6 month, or 6 years. No one knows, but we
    know that when it does, it’s going to be the biggest one we have seen so
    far and it won’t be pretty! I have nightmares about it, but sometimes I
    just need to think that we will survive whatever is coming ourway before,
    so we will survive this one too! 

  5. Kirk Maximus

    Why are people acting like the sky is falling?! World economies will always
    revolve around the almighty Supply and Demand. The Demand of oil is ever
    growing; while the Supply is in a temporary abundant stockpile, but will
    end within the decade. Meanwhile, fracking is slowly becoming finite in
    many European countries and American states due to new environmental laws.

    This whole “conspiracy” on trying to collapse Russia is a farce! Europe and
    the USA depend *very* heavily on the Russian Federation for rockets and
    other space technologies (especially for maintaining & accessing the
    International Space Station). It is also imperative that Russia has a
    stable government at all times; least advanced weaponry fall into
    unscrupulous hands.

    All the articles and reports on econiomic disaster is just a scare tactic
    used by oil companies to encourage governments to buy crude oil at a higher
    price and restore the huge profits these greedy CEO’s are use to. They
    cried out that “the end is near” when oil prices dropped to $80 per barrel,
    yet here we sit debating this agenda at $40. Relax people and worry about
    more important matters in your life…

  6. MSCode

    Yeah well WTI Crude Oil is $48.69 and Brent Crude Oil $47.69 at the moment.
    and all quite on the western front.


    PEAK OIL ?
    For decades, it has been a doomsday scenario looming large in the popular
    imagination: The world’s oil production tops out and then starts an
    inexorable decline—sending costs soaring and forcing nations to lay down
    strict rationing programs and battle for shrinking reserves.

    U.S. oil production did peak in the 1970s and sank for decades after,
    exactly as the theory predicted. But then it did something the theory
    didn’t predict: It started rising again in 2009, and hasn’t stopped, thanks
    to a leap forward in oil-field technology.

  8. MrEatmy

    what else you were expecting, there is nothing more natural then the lust
    for eating more then it’s neighboors !
    “Consider God’s handiwork: who can straighten what He hath made crooked?”

    What is going on now is the Jihad war against us, the OPEP’s masters are
    not only trying to elbow out big players on the market but to create a
    global war, so that the Babylon tower collapse and in the end they rule the
    world ! Arabs are the plague of the world, look what did they do in Paris !
    I think we must go and finish what we started in Iraq, occupate Saoudi
    Arabia and diminish the oil production !

    The question is who will be that “we”?

  9. patrick johnson

    Oh no i’m going to sell everything I own and go hide in a cave with a
    bottle of cheap whiskey and a few snickers.

  10. TouTiiTou

    Oil Prices drop right after king abdullah dies? Give me a break, everyone
    knows this and if you don’t know it, then let me enlighten you, the entire
    world runs on oil during winter to keep warm, ALL winter long oil is being
    used, and that demand will increase the price. ALL OF A SUDDEN, it drops
    price during winter? Now that is a nice political move to fool people into
    buying oil stocks. Don’t fall for this trap. The only one’s who are the
    real winners of this ” Crisis ” are the bankers and the fat billionaire
    pricks sitting in wall street, not people like me and you.

  11. Skully Anderthal

    Terrifying indeed,at $40. a barrel the sunshine will cease, thereby
    darkness will fall upon mankind.Only nuclear war can liberate us all for
    such unhappiness as death is humanity’s guarantee of a spiritual life free
    from pain and worry !! Doom and gloom prophecies provides a much need
    outlet for those meant to reside in an asylum !! 

  12. iclies

    When I 1st saw the prices on fuel start dropping, I immediately thought
    that the NWO aka Illuminati aka Masons aka Zionist were behind
    it….putting the squeeze 2 Russia. Hang in there every1…it’s going 2 get


    Last week analysts at Citigroup slashed their forecast for crude oil to $20
    a barrel before prices begin to recover. They see prices dropping to that
    point by the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second
    quarter. The forecast is based on two points: the amount of crude oil in
    storage and the end of OPEC’s role as the so-called swing supplier.

    Even though the price of crude has risen in recent weeks, that rise is
    based on future U.S. production from fewer and fewer rigs operating in the
    main U.S. shale plays. In the here-and-now, however, storage tanks are
    brimming and the beginning of the seasonal maintenance and turnaround at
    U.S. refineries is likely to slow demand even further.

    Until demand can sop up the extraordinary supply, prices should remain low
    but are unlikely to fall to $20 a barrel. There is a caveat, though: should
    producers be unable to find swaps dealers willing to hedge future
    production, prices could go much lower than they are today. These
    intermediaries require counterparties willing to take the long side of the
    bet before they will write the insurance policies (hedges) that producers

  14. David Stanley

    it was 30$ a barrel prior to the 2008 collapse
    so 30$ a barrel is the base price in my view 40$ oil is too high still

  15. joe18370

    it used to be 49 a barrel and every thing was fine, it like saying all
    computers will craSH like the year 2000

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