My 2015 Gold and Silver Price Opinion

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24 thoughts on “My 2015 Gold and Silver Price Opinion

  1. Chris T

    Great video Mr Silver. I’d like to buy some gold also, i almost bought my
    first piece last night, but the deal didn’t work out 🙁 It was for a gold
    lunar snake. Thx for sharing.

  2. Yousef AL-Yousef Gold&Silver Coins collector

    Check out my Chanel start doing coins videos hope u will like them :’D

  3. Allin Bold

    “if you bought silver … you were a big loser with a capital L”

    I bought it, and I didn’t lose a penny.

  4. mimaroo

    You may have broken even down in the U.S. with gold, but up here in Canada,
    in dollar terms, I’m up about $300.00 to $400.00 per ounce. It would appear
    that gold has made huge gains in every fiat currency other than your
    U.S. fiat. It’s done an excellent job as far as I’m concerned. I always
    dollar cost average and buy a bit of both gold and silver. Gold is my
    present hedge and silver my future hedge:)

  5. irvinethearcher

    Gold is too high compared to silver. Gold is for the rich and silver is for
    the people.

  6. kcrone1

    When the true shtf watch the world flock to the USD. USD at 91 is
    nothing. Cash is the new modern day safe haven.

  7. Silver Hub

    I jumped into silver at the beginning of last year as prices started to
    dip. I’ve been thinking of adding some gold to my stack. I am all silver at
    the moment. I’ve been a little concerned about the price of oil and if it
    continues to drop what that would do to the price of gold and silver; but I
    really don’t know enough yet to give an educated guess on the matter. I
    have some money set aside for gold and I am basically waiting for a nice
    dip to reel me in to commit to my first gold purchase at the moment.

    Thanks for your input. It is really helpful.

  8. dk keaux

    I’m with you on the gold much less volatile started moving in that
    direction as a preservation of wealth rather than silver, I’m way down on
    silver started buying at 22.00 but I’m still glad to be holding it for the
    same reason as every other stacker. I’m going with Cull Silvers advice of
    not purchasing for a while. I would have hated to buy on the downs starting
    at 45.00.

  9. weizenale

    I’ll stick to silver i need to get my ounces up .i’m still working on my
    first 500oz.i might buy alot of potential flipping items after that

  10. ThesharpNshiny

    Very cool info (leasing gold to create a yield). That is interesting. Great

  11. Alex Pavitt

    Thanks for that . I was looking for your prediction as you called it right
    last year. Cheers. 

  12. MrUlfang

    Great that you are Back. 2015 Golden. Downsize your overhead payout.
    Increase Cash flow,2 Gold flow.

  13. Stan Smith

    I have the same amount of gold and also broke even. I basically lost maybe
    2 hundred. Silver I bought 100 eagles in 2013 where I lost money but
    recently bought 100oz silver to flip at 15$ when it goes to the 2013 levels
    so I can gain any losses back, that just what I’m doing but gold I’ll
    always buy more with any fun money I save to blow on something. Some people
    buy cloths and shoes but I buy gold at least it will always be worth

  14. Stan Smith

    Buying a house now on 3% for 18 years. Is that a good or bad thing? Can you
    give any help on how to buy a house and not get in trouble? How much should
    I have saved in comparison to what ever loan they give me?

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