Silver and Gold Unboxing, Planting the Seeds

Silver and Gold Unboxing, Planting the Seeds

Its great to talk to you guys again, hope to do another video on Wednesday.
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25 thoughts on “Silver and Gold Unboxing, Planting the Seeds

  1. ArgentOrangeOK

    Nice new shiny! Been looking forward to your continuation of that list of
    videos. Made my first stacking video recently. Hope you can swing by and
    check it out.


    Hello my friend I hope all is well. As I think you know I am a huge fan of
    The Perth Mint lunar series and I am chipping away at both series 1 & 2 and
    all sets of each year. It is taking some time which I don’t mind and I also
    don’t mind paying the high premiums on the more expensive ones because that
    is just the nature of the collector in me. I love the fact that your
    children love the lunar series. Thank you for sharing with us my friend and
    happy Holidays to you and the family.

  3. SalivateMetal

    Some great gifts for the kids! Well done Silverfish! Great to see you back!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. LadyLibertyStacker

    Very nice pickups for your kids! They are lucky to have a father that
    teaches them what real money looks like and feels like. :-)

  5. Silver Slacker

    Great adds! You are such an amazing dad to instill into your kids the value
    of real money. They are lucky to have you as their dad. 

  6. Jeyjana911

    your a cool guy and have a great voice for vids plus very smart and good
    hearted … i hope that things do not get so bad that people start to kill
    and steal from each other when the crash comes and it will …… things
    areeeeeeeeeee only going to get worse because that is how the program is
    intended … fema camps with gas chambers plus usa´s nazi backround
    mentality always wanted this and so i´d say get many guns and lots of ammo

  7. Silver Orgold

    Thanks VT. Great video. I do love the gold goat. I recently picked up a
    gold 1/10 dragon. These lunar coins are extremely artistic and probably the
    prettiest of all major mints. 

  8. Kurt Mason

    i tip my hat to you. even though silver is going to continue to fall buying
    them this is much better than buying them useless plastic crap from china
    that won’t be worth anything. this silver will at least have some value.
    not what you paid for it today of course, but at least it won’t be a total
    loss. if you really want to give your kids some financial help buy them
    bitcoins. you’ll be glad you did

  9. silverhair stacker

    Mice, goats, and gold! How much better could this Christmas get!!! Thanks
    for sharing! Good Luck and God Bless!

  10. DaleCooper444

    “Life is probably going to be harder for my kids than it was for me”
    Yep, that’s my major concern as a father as well…seems to be the way
    we’re headed unfortunately. But your kids (and mine) will have a leg up
    because they have parents thinking about and planning for their future,
    which is more than I can say about most kids out there, sadly…

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