Stock Market Crash – Imminent or Unlikely? 2015 Outlook & Sentiment

Will the stock market crash any day now or is it simply unlikely due to Fed policies? This video investigates both viewpoints. What’s your opinion on this ma…
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24 thoughts on “Stock Market Crash – Imminent or Unlikely? 2015 Outlook & Sentiment

  1. the Annuity Slayer

    Wow, a video that tells both sides of the story! I have about OD’ed on
    gloom and doom articles and videos. By the way, Money News is trying to
    sell books and services. Grab people with the scary headline then make the
    sale. The same people who keep reposting “Millionaires Dumping Stocks.
    Economists Know Why” starting back in early 2013. Anyone who followed that
    advice missed out on about 40% in stock gains!

  2. tunaheart yamoron

    he whole idea of capitalism is a ponz schme assets needs to inflate and
    currencies to depreciate until they are woth nothing and investors take
    their cash out of te stock market thats why we have manipulaton in he
    markets, they need Money o be worth something and stock market to
    keep going up rich have all the cash they can colapse society this wil lead
    to social collapse and vioilence this make my point, inestors only invest
    while assets inflate or real growth in credit ppl production expansion we
    hav reach the end of that, sie resources are limited that why investors
    know the is a crash coming we are in the final phase of this crash, where
    Money needs to be pumped by the billons just to hav investors prticipting
    in the market this is the end

  3. Graham Bollard

    It’s in an interesting phase with the Fed. Resuming to a more normal
    interest rate policy will be a massive flag. But here’s the thing…even
    without that it’s heavy from this point forward anyway. It’s not in a
    trend reversal condition yet but it’s definitely without question in the
    risky part of the curve…the part you don’t want to buy into if you have a
    long term view. The way I see it if this market (and it’s a big if) gets
    more bullish the top will become so glaringly obvious it will be impossible
    not to call it. I can say with certainty that it’s already showing the
    initial signs of divergent value and that stuff you don’t ignore. This
    doesn’t mean that in the near-medium term it’s impossible to bull further.
    It just means that the shape is now in place. All the initial signs are
    there and the picture will become crystal clear.

  4. BSmenot

    What has more power? the Fed or Market forces? So therefore it is all about
    power, not the natural progressive force of market ebb and flow. This is
    not really natural though. It is a man made force driven by greed on both
    ends. So actually then we are fucked either way.

  5. danny white

    If congress raised the debt ceiling to 25 Trillion and Obama wins the next
    election then things would carry on for years. Also War and Conscription
    can boost a Country’s Economy.

  6. Graham Bollard

    A sudden rise to or above 2120 (the 2000 inflation adjusted high) right now
    (Dec14/Jan15) would be a vulnerable position for the S&P to be in. Just an
    opinion. Significant divergence using weeky Value Charts + price would be
    hitting 3 std devs bands= significant downside risk. Whatever the
    analysis, this condition for long-term investors buying is risky as hell.

  7. Li Yu

    Here is what I think what is going to happen from now to next two or three
    years. 1. in next 6 month, like Raoul Pal pointed out at Business Insider
    dollar index could go up as high as 100 to 140 and all other counties
    currency could drop 5% to 15%. 2. if that happens gold price could be $500
    to $800 per oz. 3. during this 6 month, international investment capital
    (IIC, mainly “QE” dollar) could take the profit and evacuate from these
    countries because assets of these countries could drop 40%+ at current. 5.
    of course “QE” dollar is coming back home to buy US assets, mainly bonds
    because it is relative cheap at current level. 6. if that happens, at
    sometime of next year, Fed could higher interest to control the inflation
    due to flood of “QE” dollar. 7. if that happens, Dow eventually could be at
    6000 to 8000, unemployment rate could be up to 12%+, depends Fed’s rate. 8.
    then about 10 month later (before dollar index drop) “QE” dollar is going
    to leave US to hunt and buy assets from all over the world at very deeper
    discount price.

    if everything is happening as above: A. dollar is saved. B. around 12 to
    14 Trillion US debt could be wiped out. C. wealth could be re-distributed
    domestically and internationally.

    The only possibility to stop above is if China and other countries are
    going to sell US debt. Yes, they are going to loss big, very big, but fact
    is China and lots of counties have been stack up gold to hedge the lost
    since a few years ago. If that happens, the importance ( as trading
    currency) and the value ( as reverse currency) of dollar is going to be
    reduced dramatically. Then gold will $4000 to $8000 oz?

    Let me know what you think…thanks.

  8. Kidd D

    The entire idea of a crash is the greatest hoax of all time……the crash
    of 2012, 2013, 2014????? I smell a rat.

  9. veritasfiles

    I think that I don’t know, and I think that it’s not likely that anyone
    actually “KNOWS”. I think it’s best to assume that the current state of
    affairs will end at some point in the not-to-distant future, and that
    market forces will eventually take over when the Federal Reserve and other
    colluding central banks lose control of this circumstance. In that case,
    there will be a drastic shift in economic activity, political & military
    influence, and relative purchasing powers of various currencies. As a
    result, you are wise to stock up on food, water, daily use items, OTC meds,
    pharmecuticals, anti-biotics, cash, Gold, Silver, Jewelry, guns, ammo, and
    emergency supplies like flashlights, lanterns, batteries, etc…

  10. Conanbab

    Stockmarket not crash here,have a trend down to finísh years in Europe
    markets,América should have soft down trend to finísh year,not moré 15%
    down in Dow or Nasdaq,not easy in this cycle time aspects.Around 16 october
    conjuction mercury- sun can sign top around 9 october in stockmarket world
    but this top should can are break in months after began New trend price.
    You can play You money in puts next weeks,9 october,15% correction but not
    Crash 50-70%this is not probably.

  11. hotneo7

    Looked at the latest Money issue with ‘what to do with $1,000’. The PIMCO
    author says inflation isn’t a threat. We are back to the environment of the
    ‘unsinkable ship’ mentality and we should prepare for the crash. I see many
    Baby Boomers selling their house fast to cash in while it still has value
    to build their retirement after they gouged it with student loans for their

  12. MrLeon1701

    many factors are in play derivitives 1500 trillion, debt , printing money
    , high unemployment , history repeating itself , lack of savings , wealth
    gap growing , no rule of law etc. the problem is know the timing to get out
    and protect yourself. changing the rules of the game in mid stream to
    benefit the few.

  13. joestan77y

    Remember that we’re in an election year. FED behind the Demon-crats 100%.
    May correct some more in October…then, come back hard in November…then
    maybe CRASH, only AFTER the election. imho

  14. EndTheFed2011

    It will happen before the end of the year, George Soros $2.3 Billion short
    position against the S&P500 says so. When was the last time George Soros
    got a big bet wrong?

  15. Christopher .WalkenPNW

    I was hoping it would crash in October with the end of the Fed’s QE, but
    now with the ECB announcing their own QE program starting in October, who
    knows when this bubble will pop… it still might be another few years =(

  16. Gazzasore

    I think all the quantitative easing Money is going into the Stock Market to
    prop it up

    The crash should had already happened as the US dollar is worthless

    But the NWO Evil people need to get their Wars in place So they aren’t
    going to let it Fail just yet

    Its very easy to see the Silver and Gold Markets are being Pushed
    Manipulated down to keep people out of those Markets

    But more and more people are seeing through this facade now

    But my way of thinking is this year Everything will fail Maybe next week
    maybe next month

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