Battlefield 4 – Lets Buy A BF4 GOLD Battle Pack!

Have you ever wondered if buying a battlefield 4 battlepack might make your odds better of getting something better? Well here you will find out! Tags: Lets …
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2 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – Lets Buy A BF4 GOLD Battle Pack!

  1. Haxtastic

    Note to my playstation home subscribers:

    Well as most of you know PS3’s Home is shutting down soon =( . So I
    probably wont be making anymore home videos. I don’t want my channel to die
    so I will probably just make random game videos (like the one above lol).
    Just a heads up incase you were hoping for more playstation home videos.
    Thanks so much to all who helped me and supported me. =D

  2. darthjin17

    Thx you too for upload the ps home videos haxtastic,for the dance and moves
    items, and i know ps home shutting down in 2015

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