Stevie Nicks – “Gold Dust Woman” [Live In Chicago]

2011 WMG “Gold Dust Woman” [Live In Chicago]. Look for Stevie’s new album In Your Dreams available May 3rd. Pre-order it here: http://stevienicks.warnerrep…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here I am performing my Five Nights At Freddy’s Song Just Gold on my acoustic guitar. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Twitter: Facebook: h…

50 thoughts on “Stevie Nicks – “Gold Dust Woman” [Live In Chicago]

  1. joy laughter

    Stevie Nicks – “Gold Dust Woman” [Live In Chicago]
    #stevienicks #rockmusic 

  2. Mr5stringBob

    This is so badass. I got asked to play bass for a Stevie Nicks tribute and
    this was one of the videos sent to me for homework. Cant wait!!!!

  3. William ogden jr

    Gold Dust Woman, the perfect Lady,vivacious and nobody could ever shatter
    my illusions of LOVE. I see her every day !

  4. Beaux-domineaux Cormier

    All time rock obsession! Deservedly so. The mystery of her lyrics, the
    true rock queen, Time nor space will not separate her fans from her. She
    gives and gives and does not grow weary, that is true legend. How
    fortunate are we? We all know that answer since we heard her very first
    line. Is there more to do? Oh yes, just stay close by and Rock a Little.

  5. Roger Baki

    she is and always will be my favorite female artist. No other female has
    her unique voice and amazing style and grace. rock on Stevie. We love
    you. Your are ethereal and only more mystifying as the years pass.

  6. Bella Angel

    “Gold Dust Woman” – Live in Chicago …… Not to be missed …….
    Spell bounding …….. Rock on Our beautiful White Winged Queen ❤

  7. Shannon Lepkowski

    Who is the guitarist in this clip? Pretty sure it’s not Lidsay Buckingham
    or John McVie. Anybody out there know the answer? He is very talented!

  8. H.G Wivz

    Im gunna be cosplaying golden freddy, and i am just gunna walk around the
    con with this playing XD. Thanks mando for all the joy you bring me even
    when life brings me down, all i have to do is put you on and a smile just
    springs to my face, im never gunna stop listening because the show must go
    on and your just gold XD

  9. Naomi Byrd

    SURVIVE THE NIGHT AND THE HOW MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude im obsessed AW
    WHO CARES *FANGIRLS* I don’t know why but I love you and ur guitar better
    than the fineshed prob. because I here your real voice and can here ALL of
    the skill instead of hearing the awesome techno sounds that was my wisdom
    of the day ANYWHO I LOVED IT *FANGIRLS* BYE! I need to calm down

  10. Saldinchen

    Sadly I can’t stand Live performances… that’s the really sad thing about
    my taste. It doesn’t matter how much I love the artist/band ect. I can’t
    stand it. And even though I love the song (The not acoustic version) I
    can’t get myself to like this… It’s not that you play bad or anything
    like that it’s just my weird taste. I won’t like this, because that would
    be a lie but I won’t dislike it either since it’s not your fault. Again, I
    love the way you play and I seriously love your voice it’s just me not
    liking live… sooo… I guess

    I’m just weird?

  11. Mike Schmidt

    Okay so here says to watch CAM2B *gets tablet up and goes to CAM2B*
    Huh,Nothing happen.*Gets Down Tablet* *Golden freddy appears* AHHHH *dies*

  12. Lottie Wolf

    Amazing again mando I prefer the acoustic you are very talented man do well
    done 🙂 proud to be a sub

  13. AssassinDwarfGaming

    Andy, if you do manage to read this comment out of about 400, can you spare
    about 1 minute of your time to give me a little advice when it comes to
    singing? If you do, then thank you. Honestly, you are great and I want to
    take up music as a career on my YouTube channel, alongside gaming when I am
    older. I want to get a quick start, y’know? Even if you don’t give me any
    advice, thanks for taking your time to read a comment by some inspired(I
    was inspired by you) 12 year old.

    -Connor AKA AssassinDwarfGaming.

  14. Nia Hopkins

    mando I reolised that the lyriks in this sute fnaf3 too 🙂 some bots are
    just distractions (goldenfreddy) some bots are just gold(springtrap)

  15. CreepypastaGal 14

    Me: *listening to this* Ok tell my mom to get me a freaking gold dress
    because bish i’m cosplaying as Goldie


    Me: Bruh, we planned a halloween part, AT JULY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

    Friend: You’re planning on cosplaying as Goldie and It’s January, idiot

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