Becoming Bullish On Gold, Goldman Sachs Investigation, Barrick Pascua Lama Mine, ECB Interest Rate

Let’s take a look at the current gold and silver price and news including Goldman Sachs currency manipulation investigation, ECB interest rate cut. Stories H…

15 thoughts on “Becoming Bullish On Gold, Goldman Sachs Investigation, Barrick Pascua Lama Mine, ECB Interest Rate

  1. PiroozAzDirooz

    Rash of miners closing production currently will set up the next bull leg
    in gold in years to come.

  2. edward haddad

    im not hoping for lower prices in gold or silver ..however, if this did
    occur i would have to add to my position…i would buy more gold and more
    silver..entry point would be 1000 oz gold and 16 dollar an ounce
    silver..not all in but a portion then wait..if it kept dropping i would buy
    again at 800…au and 14 for ag..etc…we all know that mines cant profit
    at these levels or prices of gold…so i assume the wealthy of the world
    would be gobbling it up from the weak hands or the people that panic ..the
    classical buy high sell low guys that do are getting into the stock market
    now…in any gonna short the stock market after the new year…i
    think its ready for a correction.. dont want the economy to break but if i
    can take advantage of a correction in gold and silver..i will..and i own
    some at much higher prices so im not happy that gold and sivler are
    falling..but you have to be in it for the long term and you dont lose until
    you sell..remember that….

  3. FreedomForceUSA

    The trend in PM has been down, and will continue until the Fed tapers the
    QE. We are getting closer possibly but we have a way to go. So if we go by
    the Fed, Technicals, and even ABX having troubles, the writing is on the
    ABX is holding because it can’t make profit, and GS manipulation is
    obvious, but we still have to work within a manipulated system.
    Thanks for the video, great job.

  4. Cloxxki

    India’s counter-cultural anti-gold actions seem to be bullish for silver.
    They’re hauling in a huge part of global production of silver.

  5. Kexin Jia

    I have 40oz gold 400oz silver not planning to buy not planning on selling I
    am not worried at all pz

  6. sharky8899

    I think the problem is that it getting suprassed, to much paper gold, that
    dont excist, the dollar needs to fail or a new finacial crises before gold

  7. PiroozAzDirooz

    Gold has not made a major low bottom yet. Cutting rates at ECB did the
    opposite for gold last week. $950-$1179 range are potential major bottoms
    between now and mid-2014.

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