Markets, China rate hike, gold, Geithner, Fisher, France

Markets, China rate hike, gold, Geithner, Fisher, France

Schiff Report Video blog Oct 19th 2010.

25 thoughts on “Markets, China rate hike, gold, Geithner, Fisher, France

  1. WGS669

    @Aldaris19 Really? A 25 bp rise and you’d expect a major collapse? Not just
    a slower pace of credit expansion? Not just a decline in the rate of asset
    price appreciation? But instead, a “major collapse”? Really?

  2. drshock18

    @mechanicalengineer3 have you seen the price action in MCP since the IPO?
    Up over 100% in about 4 months.

  3. Nolan Hargreaves

    @numag1 People will still buy goods, and when we save, we will start to
    invest it in businesses and that will restart the economy. More competition
    means competitive pricing, and better for the economy because prices will
    drop because of this. Doesn’t mean they will actually drop, still have to
    measure it against inflation and other things. Some companies are selling
    goods like you say and will go out of business. They will start new
    businesses with new ideas. People will still spend money.

  4. IWashMyOwnBrain

    Peter you don’t seem to understand fed speak …A strong dollar means you
    can use the dollar as a tool to controll the worlds economy not that the
    dollar is worth more.

  5. Ben Ritchie

    hey everyone, with the increase of electronic trading and the global
    market, do you predict markets being open 24/7?

  6. ManufacturedLack

    The US has already raised the retirement age to 70. This is how government
    will remove social security. Keep raising the age requirement until nobody
    lives long enough to collect it. If I have a cozy job in a nice office
    raising the retirement age great news. If I have to work for a living like
    most people raising the retirement age means 5 more years of hardship and
    struggle. If I get paid by the hour where is my profit? If my labor is
    taxed, how am I not a slave?

  7. Jack Tripper

    it would be good if Schiff elaborated on China’s rising interest rates on
    commodities, commodity currencies, economic growth in China, shares in
    China that his company sells!!!! talking for 10 minutes about gold and the
    US dollar day after day is pointless!!

  8. KSTCBH23

    @numag1 . The entire reason we are dependent upon imports is that our
    production capacity has shrunk tremendously, esp. when compared to our
    increased spending. This reduction is due to our current burdensome tax and
    regulatory structure, and the better opportunities overseas (in
    comparison). Where I choose live/work is based on these things, why would a
    company be any different? As for wages/labor, that would take up too many
    characters for the comments section. Message me if your interested.

  9. hailgov

    @marniespeaks I’m glad you know that we have enough of everything. Looking
    around my pantry, I can’t say the same. Instead of raising my retirement
    age, we could lower it to 31 and then my pantry would never empty. Are
    there enough people between 16 and 31 to support me? Are there enough
    people between 16 and 62-67 to support all the people who are retired now?
    And who cares if we give away $200 trillion to wall street, it’s all fiat,

  10. WGS669

    @jgbloyd He didn’t really bash your weed. At best, he implied that smoking
    grass is, for some people, a popular use of time instead of them doing the
    kind of shit they don’t want to – but probably should be.

  11. hailgov

    @marniespeaks You are advocating that we give up freedom in exchange for
    promises of prosperity made by people who lie for a living. Even if your
    ideas were taken up by people with honest intentions, the ideas are in
    opposition to both the free market and human nature. They have no worth or
    creative power, only the power to destroy. The reason gold prices are high
    is because gold can’t be destroyed. It can be hidden, inherited and
    exchanged for goods and services in retirement.

  12. averagejoe040

    @jibbi4one I hope America has the guts to cut the public sector jobs like
    the UK has. There’s no doubt that we will ultimately have to shrink
    government. The only question is when. Will we cut the size of government?
    or will we just continue on over the cliff, refusing to give up a single
    government job? I’m not so sure which way we will go!

  13. romanmir01

    @uuutu5betube because that would mean that the people came to their senses
    and correctly understood economics and politics and life around them and
    made the correct choices…. all of which is inconceivable.

  14. Peter Schiff

    @numag1 If people save more there will be more capital investment and more
    production. People will get jobs, and we will satisfy domestic demand by
    producing more goods ourselves rather than relying on imports. In addition,
    our exports will grow.

  15. hailgov

    @FranzVS Interesting perspective. There would be plenty in the pension
    funds if it wasn’t doled out to banks that took on too much risk. The
    disicion to take from the public what belonged to the public (retirement
    funds) was the catalyst for protest. Very interesting.

  16. Aurora Grenham

    @FranzVS Hi FranzVs. I’m wondering who are the profile of the protesters in
    france. Are they. 1. The taxpayers who will pay up so that the Civil
    servants can retire early OR 2. Are they thE cival servants who think they
    should retire early after their short life or hard work??? Har

  17. Robert Thomas

    Peter I got to ask, why do you not mention the obvious here? China has been
    fueling a speculative investment boom in real estate for the past five
    years now. In addition to racking up their money supply through fiscal
    simulus. If we are to assume that Austrian theory has any credibility, this
    rate hike should lead to a major collapse in the Chinese real estate
    market. I can’t see why you don’t mention this in your video.

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