Stock Market Prediction News For Week of January 5 2015

Stock Market Prediction News For Week of January 5 2015 A weekly Saturday financial show that attempts to predict ma…

What is the stock market? How does it work? Is it risky? Am I gambling my money if I buy stocks? If I put my money in it where does it go? It was an honor to…

8 thoughts on “Stock Market Prediction News For Week of January 5 2015

  1. Drew99GT

    Bonds bonds bonds. I’ve kicked ass in TMF in 2014 Lance with the same
    assumption you made in this vid; the Fed winding down QE is roughly the
    same as raising the Fed Funds. It’s tightening, which should flatten the
    yield curve.

    One of the best vids you ever put out was where you showed how during
    periods of QE, long rates rose/the yield curve steepened. Well, when the
    Fed is pulling back, the opposite HAS occurred! It makes sense to me, but
    then again, I’ve never bought into the fear mongering from Schittbots about
    how interest rates will sky rocket when the Fed ends QE.

  2. bourgeois pig

    Hi Lance. I really appreciate your weekly analysis. I don’t expect you to
    be right all of the time but most of the time you are. I don’t even watch
    your predictions for the predictive nature. I watch it because you give a
    good solid objective overview of what is going on in the market place. I
    also like that you focus on technicals and fundementals. I mean technical
    signals are fine ….when they are but its really all about context and
    what is driving the market. It seems like you take all of these into
    consideration. Any way thanks for taking the time to share your
    perspectives. I like your objective approach. I mean we are all just
    speculating right?

  3. frost nova

    Happy new year to you Lance. Hope you earn BIG $$$ in 2015. Thanks for
    your video. 1% gain is a good start by the way.

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