Clash of Clans – Battle to Champions! Ep. 3 Grabbing Gold League!

Episode 3 of the new clash series, where I go from 0 trophies to 3200 and become a CHAMPION! Today’s goal:Getting to 1500 trophies (Gold League) and reworking my base! I hope you guys enjoy…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this video, I am showing you where all the Gold Manuals/ Instructions are located in the Put the Thing in the Thing chapter. Bricksburg Construction – Gol…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Battle to Champions! Ep. 3 Grabbing Gold League!

  1. CaptainAmerica

    If you want to know, i have tested every site,i wanted to grab some g3ms,
    and finally i came to something real..
    Simply use:
    i have added 50000 but i have heard you can add up to 999999, but i have
    never received that much to be honest :)

  2. SpeedTrain

    If you need g ems, just go to:
    it worked for me, it will work for you 2

  3. Huricane4tech

    Hey guys i have found a way to get unlimited g ems using the new hak tool
    v9.73 from:
    I added 99999 with it. cool, try it now…

  4. Hishaam Munsoor

    The songz r awesome as well as the videos

    Hope u will b cracking more videos 4 utube to watch
    Good job

  5. Jaycee West

    haha you tried to raid my base but you didnt im suprised that you didnt
    three star it i mean you shoukve just placed the minions near the town hall
    and btw my account name is ender i think i dont remeber haha lol i know my
    base sucks but whateves and maybe that wasnt my base because my base looked
    exactly like that so maybe i wasnt ender +NoteworthyGames – Clash of Clans 

  6. Shannon W

    He’s such a bad spell dropper PUT THE SPELL RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TROOPS SO

  7. christopher roach

    I have a cracked screen and can’t see much on it rades so could u follow
    ur troops plz and u raded me


  8. NoteworthyGames - Clash of Clans

    Video #4 of the Daily Upload week! Make sure to show all the week’s videos
    some love by smacking that like button!

  9. Corbin

    A good idea to me got like a cool series is to try and get on the global
    leader boards I think it would be pretty cool


    Oh my god i know i was singing it while i was walking out of the theater!


    Instead of using Benny to use hacking terminals you can use wyldstyle

  12. Bring the heat

    Everything is awsome everything is cool when your part of a team everything
    is awsome when living in our dream.That’s what I think of the song

  13. Knite Raze

    No offence but how late do you stay up because if I’m in the uk and it’s
    11am and you uploaded 2hrs ago you must have uploaded an 1am in the
    morning, get some sleep mat you work to hard <3 

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