DJI S800 Hexacopter Crash In the filming of Gold Rush

Saw this on gold rush, What do you guys think really happened? Leave your comments below.

Spoiler alert! After Todd’s insinuation that finding 1000 ounces would make for a successful season, I way over-analyze the plausibility of that statement. W…
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50 thoughts on “DJI S800 Hexacopter Crash In the filming of Gold Rush

  1. Pașca Alexandru

    Anyway, aside the… screencast here, that’s what you get when you use a
    device made by a corporation for profit.
    True reliability, real safe operation and stability is attained by the use
    and active support of open source and open hardware.
    That hardware and software developed by it’s developers for themselves, not
    for profit, under deadlines, perpetually shifting specifications and other
    corporate crap like that.

  2. Schoemm

    Could all the trolls cursing on DJI please give a recommendation on
    something they think is better?

  3. vinamel97

    “this is your chance, you do it and we are in business……” then the
    pilot chokes and crashes. LOL


    I think you need to get the most dumb non gps controller you can get and
    just learn to fly, all the time the controller is making all these
    corrections it’s just a waiting game for a failure. Fly acro and get a good
    gimbal to take the lumps and bumps out. 

  5. Kit Dines

    Haha it looks like it started mouthfunctioning then he went into manual and
    didn’t know how to get out of it because he didn’t know how to fly it
    correct. It’s not flip of death. Flip of death happens super quickly and
    that didn’t happen super quickly.

  6. reinforced octocopters

    I bet an esc wire vibrated free. Mirco fractures develop over time at the
    solder points if there is stress . I have over 50 crashes and you only
    learn from your mistakes. I bet this guy never opened this thing up and
    inspected it just like the rest of you phantom plebs.

  7. ken simonsen

    I will do it…I fly in cold n 25 mph winds all the time..mine is hand
    built .
    Look at my recent videos 

  8. Multirotor View

    Dji products are not bad it’s the hill Billy’s who don’t know how to fly
    them or set them up. Bet the gps wasn’t calibrated !!

  9. misterpotato2

    that’s why in an airplane they still have mechanical equipments in their
    cockpit rather truly relying on the electronics and the most advance glass

  10. William Hughes

    I think todd’s wash plants suck! little red, the plant that Parker now has
    did about 1000ozs the season that Todd’s second wash plant failed. Parker
    proved its not the size of the wash plant it’s about fetching the gold.
    Someone else pointed out that Todd has way more equipment and way more
    people on his side and Parker dude twice as much as him. Parker is only 21
    and is the reason why the show is still doing so well

  11. New England Event Producers

    You forget though: Dave AND Todd’s investment is long-term. The lease for
    McKinnon was renewed for 2015, so we know they’re going back. You also are
    incorrect on the percentage for the claim owner. He gets 100 ounces
    MINIMUM, but not on TOP of 20% of any gold found.

    …Anyway, let’s do some quick TRUE business-factored math. NEXT year, the
    Hoffmans arrive. Todd set a 3,000 ounce goal for Season 6 FYI. Plant is
    there, machines are there, they can start mining.

    Expenses: $10,000.00 day = $1,500,000.00 for the season (fuel, food,
    … 3,000 ounces @ 80% is 2,400 ounces. at today’s prices, that’s
    $3,000,000.00 USD. Subtract their 1.5Mill running costs and they walk home
    with $1,500,000.00 together.

    …Not such a bad number now, is it?

    Remember, most businesses take MULTIPLE years to break-even.

  12. gdnctr

    Rat-faced, smarmy Schnabel punk mines 2,000ozs, and dumbassed fatbot
    Hoffman only goes for 1,000ozs, yet he’s got far more equipment and men.
    What’s wrong with that business strategy?

  13. alco424

    I fully understand where you are coming from with this, but I see a few
    flaws to your calculations as well. I believe the 100 oz was the minimum
    acceptable payment to Klondike Gold. It was to be 20%, with at least 100
    oz being payable. So even if they only found 1 oz of gold they owed 100oz,
    instead of 1/20 of an oz.

    Second, The equipment and investment Dave brought in would be able to be
    amortized over several years. The full amount wouldn’t need to be be paid
    back this year, so it could be spread over probably 5 years, meaning, he
    would only have $100,000 plus interest to pay back this year. Large sums
    such as this are not paid off annually, but over several years.

  14. Marko Kutrevski

    Also you shoud bear in mind how much they earn from tv rights. Also from tv
    commercials you think that volvo and cat did not pay for their name to be
    in the show? They might earn more from tv rigts and commercial than the

  15. William Hughes

    Left out that Todd needs to retire and just become a garbageman or
    something todd’s a horrible minor and acts like he knows what he’s doing
    when he really doesn’t. Without Dave this year Todd would have gone home
    two or three weeks into his season 

  16. Jordan Ross

    Finally someone applying logic to the absurdity that is Gold Rush and more
    specifically the idiots in the Hoffman crew (excluding Dave Turin).
    Although choosing to partner up with Todd was a large mistake.

    Some numbers to add to the discussion: I was reading an article this
    morning mentioning each crew member gets $22,000 per episode from
    Discovery. However, this is apparently only to some of the key members and
    Dakota Fred and Dustin both left for Season 5 because they were getting
    paid nowhere near the 22k that the main members of the Hoffman crew and
    Parkers crew were getting.

    Anyway… the show is like a train wreck. I get angry watching it every
    time because of the smoke screen Discovery puts up completely excluding
    operating costs and making it seem like the Hoffmans are actually making a
    profit. But hey, watching Todd is pretty amusing. 

  17. Javi Gonzales

    Great Break Down!!! Because of the success of this show, and the excitement
    to find GOLD,WE ALL OVER LOOK the reality, it what it takes to gold
    mine.That is why ,only a hand full gold mine.My opion only .GREAT JOB DONE

  18. Peter Hiltner

    So thinking about the math. I’m on the same page with it all. But there
    is this other MATH not EVER factored in. I would love to know how much
    these guys get paid per episode along what they make on the off season
    doing whatever B level celebrity autograph sessions and other such
    activities. The math may equal that being a fake reality tv star that
    looses millions gold mining makes millions doing so! And so forth.

  19. O Dawg

    I totally agree that the whole talk about 1000 ounce season target is
    completely pointless without looking at expenses or investments. Thanks for
    sharing your thoughts.
    One slight miscalculation. I think the 100 ounce flat fee is not ON TOP of
    the 20% fee of the claim owner. The way it sounded to me, is that the 20%
    claim fee has to be AT LEAST 100 ounces. Either way, it won’t add up with
    only 1000 ounces. But then I’m assuming Discovery Channel will make up for
    the difference ;-)

  20. Dale McIntyre

    No doubt everyone on the show gets a salary from discovery.

    All the Volvo equipment is free. They are a sponsor. (Check out Todd
    Hoffmann website)

    I don’t believe Todd has the same operating costs then Parker, I’m certain
    its at least 25-50% lower. Though I’m sure Todd will still lose money.

    The math never made sense. Season 1 had around 10 ounces. (A colossal
    disaster). Season 2 everyone shows up with new trucks and trailers. 

  21. Hans Peter

    i think the only good miner is parker ( but there i was thinking how much
    money / gold was left after the 1000 oz season and how much he spend on
    getting this season going. As well i was thinking of the 2000 oz goal….
    he need 2000oz for his own claim…okay….but when gets the 2k oz and buys
    a claim….what about the money he used all season to keep runnin and what
    about the loan of 300.000 $ ? (okay a loan doenst need to be paid
    completley at one time…but anyways)…just sayin’

  22. Zach Parrett

    I agree with your numbers except for the amount going to the claim owner.
    The terms of the lease were a minimum of 100 ounces and then 20% over all.
    The way you have them totaled would be 30% royalties. 

  23. zundappchef

    the way you explain it it sounds like team hofman needs 2000 instead of
    but then again they still have that little wash plant they can sell that
    or heck they could run it but that would be wise to do because they really
    dont need anymore people and paydirt is close

    so they look more stupid every day

    in your calculation there are mistakes !

    let say he gets 1000 ounce and 20 % goes to claim owner that would be 200
    ounces that wil meet the 100 ounce reserve
    so then they are left with 800 that would be the absolute end of that

    daves investment is to buy into a business
    for that the company then is 500.000 richer in machinery

    not going to fuel yet
    that 800 ounce is 960.000 $
    + 500000
    the company is then 1.460.000 million rich

    with that money they will pay for the wash plant expenses en labor and tax
    whats left is to split between dave and todd or reinvest for next year

    i would be shocked it they use 6000 dollar of fuel a day
    the pieces of machinery they use would average 200 liters of diesel a day
    lets assume they have all 14 of them running all day full throttle that
    would be 2800 liters ( and a few are standing stil or broke)
    generaly in alaska that will cost 1 dollar per liter that is 2800 lets be
    safe 3000 $ a day that is delivered

    my calculation would be and correct me if i am wrong

    1.460.000 total for 800 ounce and daves investment
    -240000 200ounce wash plant
    -270000 in fuel lets say 300000

    this number is reached and then they need a place to sleep and eat how
    they do that we dont know also more expenses as labor maintenance and

    this number can be verry high but i asume they have 10 people working the
    lets get a high paycheck a month of 5000 a month
    the number for 3 months is 150.000 in labor and another 200.000 for
    maintenance and suplies

    -350000 for the paycheck and suplies ( if that high)
    =570000 that is bodom line number for 10000 ounces

    50% todd
    50% dave

    most of that money is already tied up into machinery 500.000 ( daves buy in
    so they both wil be left with 70000 to split ( they wil probably make more

    is this a mistake from dave i think not
    everything is payed in full
    dave and todd are now half owners of all the equipment that includes the
    folowing :
    Wash Plant MSI T-5X Trommel/Sluices
    Wash Plant MSI SV-9 Feeder/Conveyors/Shaker/Sluices
    Pump Pioneer Diesel 6″
    Pump Pioneer Diesel 10″
    Bulldozer Caterpillar D9L
    Excavator Hitachi EX400LC
    Excavator Volvo EC460CL
    Excavator Volvo EC700BL
    2 Rock Truck Volvo A40D
    Rock Truck Volvo A30E
    Wheel Loader Caterpillar 980C
    Wheel Loader Volvo L180F
    Wheel Loader Volvo L110F

    that stuff is easily worth 1 million

    BUT that is if they make the 1000 ounces


  24. Montana Spring

    thats true. also discovery pays them. the producer Christo Doyle is said to
    get $10 million dollar salary. with tax thats roughly 6million

  25. Hans Peter

    Thank you !! I was always wondering ! I am always laughing when i see tods
    crew because u can always see that they invest a lot of money and have
    expenses that are way higher than there win (even in prev. seasons)

  26. Creative Futures

    if we expand there likely income then an important equation missed out and
    going by the figures given very important for end result of the workers —
    how much does discovery channel pay them .remember reading but just a quess
    it was $1000 per episode?

  27. G Dogg

    I think that the hoffman crew should take lessons in gold mining from a 19
    year old. LOL

  28. Peter Hiltner

    Just wish this were a question and answer session between your and the
    producer of the soap opera. That would be priceless. This show is bad.
    It was once my favorite and watched religiously. Now I haven’t watched a
    episode in months, but am waiting with great expectation to GRIAR each
    week. And stop being so easy on them…..asf

  29. Charles Jones

    Bad mistake finding your channel. It was linked on Gold Rush Alaska Gossip.
    I will use up all my data limits watching! Gave you a “like” and
    subscribed. Looking forward to the next installment. Now, on to season 4!!!

  30. Alan Hart

    Great videos. You left out Jack skimming off the top. Which would also
    reduce the “available gold”

  31. ITubeTooInc

    What a flawed breakdown.

    1) Dave and Todd have a 50/50 ownership of the company, so why would you
    think the salaries would only come out of Todd’s half of the company? The
    salaries and all other company expenses are paid from the company before
    possibly splitting any profit/debt between it’s owners. It’s not out of
    Todd’s own pocket, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. They are employed
    by the company.

    2) The claim owner only gets 20%, but with a minimum 100 oz. guaranteed. So
    it’s not 100 + 200 oz., but only 200 oz. total if they get 1000 oz, not 300

    3) All the equipment owned by the company like the wash plant is also worth
    a lot, so if they decide to close down the company after the season and
    split all profit or debt 50/50 then they can also get a lot of money
    selling all the company assets. If they instead keep mining next season
    they will still have the wash plant etc. and don’t have to invest the same
    amount of money next season, so they should make more profit when the
    equipment expenses are split over more than one season. However I believe
    think some of the other heavy machinery is rented or sponsored by Volvo, so
    they won’t get money back selling that.
    And a lot of the mining equipment are borrowed by the claim owner as part
    of the deal. It belonged to the crew before them who went bankrupt. So they
    won’t have to pay for that besides the 20% (minimum 100 oz.) claim owner
    cut they agreed on. They were allowed to borrow all the mining equipment
    left at the claim except for the wash plant itself, so they had to buy
    Monster Red from Freddy Dodge.

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