Easiest Way To Get Coins In Pixel Gun 3D [UPDATE 8.0.0+]

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24 thoughts on “Easiest Way To Get Coins In Pixel Gun 3D [UPDATE 8.0.0+]

  1. Captain Flame

    Wanna know what I do?

    I use dragon breath on pool party and snipe! Get coins and XP fast!

  2. MoGaming

    IOSplanet I just subbed and a other way is make a time battle server that’s
    a 2player server you get 20xp and 4coins every time you win and all you
    need to do is get 2000points and wait for 4 minutes

  3. Julian Murrah

    I got a better way team Deathmatch on pool party and usingn Dragons breath
    or a powerful weapon

  4. Dragen HD

    Did u just say earthlings? Alien alert :O jk thanks for your method i
    leveled 2 times fto 14 😀 im giving a sub 🙂

  5. Evil Panda

    🙁 but I suck at snipe and I had to restart so I’m level 18 but I suck :'(
    I don’t have good guns and I’m not a good sniper…. Do you have anything
    else so I can level faster? :(

  6. MsJayal

    if you have a brother or someone just add him or her
    go to the pool party map and when creating this game do only 10 kills and a
    2v2 match so people wont join.
    tell your friend or whatever to let you kill them and every game you get 7
    coins and 50 exp i got ao many guns!
    Hope you liked my feedback 🙂 

  7. jure Gazvoda

    so what you have just said is that you need prototype to do this method..
    and how are people gona get prototype wich is 320 coins ?

  8. Azi Craftbot

    i go on co op survival with any good machine gun on the farm map. easy to
    find the monsters and good ammo and health and grenade spawning spawning.
    get loads of monsters in a large mob and then… grenade!

  9. William August Vernon

    I do time battle so I just wait 2min by my self and then after that I kill
    a couple of mobs and I get 4 coins:)

  10. Raymond Zhang

    the weopons are wierd now the dark force want and archimage wand are
    different, but i like the armor thing I am so happy i got the dragons
    breath before this update

  11. Gatorrex

    Snipers r so laggy in this update when i press the fire button, it lags and
    the gun fires half second later. My internet is not slow it also lags in
    survival and campaign and everyone is teleporting around making it
    impossible to shoot someone

  12. FaZe Cow

    iOSPlanet, read this can you make videos about the bugs that noobs use
    example on Sniper Forts when you reload any gun and click the slots it will
    auto reload when you shot with PSR you need to wait right? After you shot
    just tap the slot of PSR again and it will auto reload / auto shot it works
    with every gun hope you read this! :DD

  13. MC WarBuilder

    I go into mansion and just create a black skin and hide in the little hole
    were u spawn sometimes and destroy people easily so please use my way in a
    video and tell my name-MC WarBuilder

  14. Juan Rodriguez

    I suggest you use the gold cape, the tabi boots, and the golden crown along
    with crystal armor

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