Should I Buy Gold Now Here is just a little bit of information about a question I was asked the other day which was “Why Should I Buy Gold Now?” The p…
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Avoid off site storage, hidden fees, slick salesman and online companies. Don’t pay more than you should and don’t wait more than 1 week for delivery. IT IS …
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26 thoughts on “Should I Buy Gold Now

  1. Ivan Morales

    I would love to buy in person at my local dealer, just doesn’t make sense
    to me to pay 70 over spot for a 1/4 gold eagle Plus CA sales taxes. 

  2. gbvoul

    I just picked up a gold eagle from a local coin shop.. but kind of
    disappointed…Sales Tax is a lot more than shipping cost form an online

  3. lowpross11

    People gotta do their homework before getting into the physical metals. A
    lot of these “larger” companies also try to sell stuff that doesn’t sell
    well. Products like British Sovereign, French francs/roosters, etc..
    Building a good relationship will local dealers is a good idea. Lot’s of
    great coins out there, but people gotta know the weight & purity of ANY
    coin they plan to purchase. Great thoughts! Thanks!

  4. Junius Maltby

    the amount that cmopanies charge for numismatics is ridiculous. I urge
    everyone to AVOID these scams at all costs. It is a way to sell junk, less
    pure gold for HIGH premiums. Buy Eagls, Maples, Krugs, buy 24k gold in
    known weights and purity. Collect old coins for fun.

  5. Micksilver14

    Great tips and info.. I use APMEX and Provident mainly. Having just bought
    1/4 AGE’s recently what is your thoughts on premiums with the fractional
    pieces. Having a hard time getting my head into the 1 oz gold purchase at
    the moment.

  6. MrDazarius

    why cant i store it with the dealer i store 4/5 of my silver with my dealer
    i can visite and pick it up at anytime

  7. WhyMeWhySilver

    instead of worrying about confiscation I would be worried about my bank
    account being confiscated first. they would get your bank account a long
    time before they would try to take your gold. so not buying physical gold
    or silver is just a cop out. that is simply why it is better to buy
    physical gold and silver. so you would have a good buying power if they
    ever took your bank account. its just a common sense thing. when it comes
    to gold… is also better for some of us to buy fractional pieces.

  8. TheVeloHobo

    Unfortunately I live in the absolute middle of nowhere and I’m an hour
    drive from a local coin dealer. I’ve used Monarch in the past, but there’s
    no easy to track your shipment and they have a very limited selection. I’m
    having good service with APMEX.

  9. FrugalLife

    Most gold is sold at a % over spot not a $ mark up I buy from a company who
    only list what they have in stock and deliver next day General bullion
    coins are 3% over spot and proof sets are 5% over spot… 5 grams bars and
    under are 8% over spot which is ok. But if you want fractional bullion then
    i’d suggest you buy half sovs which should be around general bullion prices

  10. upgrader99

    The main problem with LCS is tax. You sound like you’re in the east…
    maybe you don’t get taxed on everything in whatever state you’re in?

  11. veritasfiles

    Why do you say it’s a lie when the older coins were not confiscated during
    the last nationalization? Would you say the same thing about Jewelry? It
    was also exempted from the last nationalization. I agree that this kind of
    thing is used to force people into really high premium Gold, but I don’t
    think that buying older Gold coins needs to be entirely discounted for the
    reasons you suggest. I agree with the overall thrust of your video. I wish
    people would purchase more locally.

  12. WhyMeWhySilver

    view my clear message on confiscation. not only can they take your gold and
    silver but……. you can view this video on my profile. it may be a couple
    of years old but the information is steal updated to present. this video
    will clearly answer all of your questions regarding confiscation by the
    United States government

  13. hotneo7

    With this year’s startling revelation of NSA spying it worries me greatly
    that they may demand online bullion dealers for customer lists or may have
    already tapped into their data illegally. LCS have tax, variety, and
    inventory issues. Plus the prices aren’t so competitive as online sites. I
    would say eBay, craigslist, and flea markets are the next best thing. Saw a
    tv ad in breakroom that got my attention, a buy gold commercial using
    inflation fears to sell coins. Masses glued to their iPhones.

  14. gold maple

    JuniusMaltby you say not pay over a certain amount over spot for your gold,
    what if you have no choice where to buy. I live in a very small town in
    northern Canada. The nearest big city in Winnipeg. My only choice then is
    to buy online, and shipping charges are horrendous on top of the premium
    you pay. We have three reputable companies Border Gold, SilverGold Bull and
    Canadian PMX. Not really much compared to you Americans, you get better
    deals on gold and silver.

  15. javamanV3

    I have done well with Apmex. Provident and Monarch. Watch out for Mulligan
    Mint. How much was the bet? My nearest (only one really) is 40 mins. Very
    small shop. prices went up for junk same time as everyone else. not a bad
    guy, but neither are the on line ones i mentioned. Thanks for the clearly
    stated ideas. This is a group filled with newbies!

  16. Junius Maltby

    I have studied that part of our economic history quite a bit. The gold
    confiscation, was one of the lowest complied with laws in US history. Did
    you know that it had a less than 40% compliance with the public and onle
    ONE that is (1) individual that was prosecuted as an example. Nobody was
    stupid enough to turn in all their gold. You will never be protected with
    “numismatics”. The day the Govment wants your gold, no type of coin is

  17. FrugalLife

    Selling gold.. I’d look for a 5 year window of when you need to cash out
    and look for peak Waiting till a set date regardless of time is dangerous..
    You could wait 40 years for a set date and if gold tanks then you’re in
    trouble.. Its about timing more than time. But buying short term and
    needing the cash is also dangerous as gold can move very slowly or very

  18. Paul Maritz

    I fully agree. I get the best deals from my LCD and nothing beats the
    discussions we have about politics and what have you.

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