BUY GOLD HELMETS for The Dark Below DLC! (Destiny)

A quick reminder to buy and upgrade Exotic Helmets first and foremost for The Dark Below DLC, as it is going to be the only way to get to Level 32 until the …
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22 thoughts on “BUY GOLD HELMETS for The Dark Below DLC! (Destiny)

  1. pcuimac

    What’s the point of all that hassle? Just for doing a ‘raid’ over and over
    again to get some armour and weapons to do the raid easier next time? If
    the graphics wasn’t so nice I would have lost all interest by now. It’s
    such a Dreg to kill the same beautifully rendered mobs over and over again.

  2. secretcola77

    I got the new exotic called the Glasshouse which is a Defender Titan
    Helmet, and another Skullfort and Symbiote.

  3. MankeyMark

    I saved up 185 motes and brought 8 exotic engrams and got nothing but
    repeats and no new exotics i was pissed bruzz.

  4. PvpMenace

    To my knowledge, there are separate armour sets for both the hard and
    normal difficulty. Wouldn’t it be a tad redundant to have the helms only
    drop in the hard version? 

  5. MrUbadabubudable

    I bought the upgraded voidfang vestments instead of light beyond nemesis
    thinking i could get raid helm on normal! So mad still gonna get am
    upgraded helm i hope

  6. Chris G

    Just hold R2 to compare the helmets you don’t have to move back and forth
    between them. 

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