Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Round 3, Heat 4

Taj Burrow and Sebastian Zietz battle in do-or-die heat.

ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE▽▽ Mum and I are back we are so silly together but we have fun and thats all that matters!! this is a blog from our kinda annual…
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25 thoughts on “Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Round 3, Heat 4

  1. Sweetiepop

    Did your mom say nearly 70 years old?! Dayum! What is her secret?? She
    looks bangin’!

  2. Queen of Sheba

    OMG! Love this vlog soooo much!! Adore your mum! My mum and I go to the
    Marriott for little girl trips too!!! Twins! Such precious time for you
    guys. Thanks for sharing. Love it xxxx

  3. Bugn LVoe

    “They’re not skin tight like my daughters” —- oh man I almost spit out my
    hot tea. Your mom cracks me up! Love her!!!! :-D

  4. Narelle Ravesi

    Fabulous video Jerusha and you are one lucky gal to have such a great
    relationship with your mum,treasure it.

  5. Let's go Shopping

    Sorry Jerusha, but your mum was the star of this vlog, hahaha, seriously
    though you both looked like you had a nice relaxing break, I went with my
    mum a few years back, was nice walking along the beach and dipping our toes
    in the ocean 🙂 That resort looked insane! 

  6. NaturalLuxeDiva

    Wow! What an awesome trip for you and your mom to go on. Tell her that
    she was rocking that outfit. You two seem to have a wonderful
    relationship. I really enjoyed your video vlog. God Bless :-)

  7. Sallyann Widdowfield

    Great vlog…. What a fab trip… I love having mum time….. You’re mum is
    the bomb!!!!! How funny is she….. Big love to you both

  8. belinda jess

    looks like you guys had a ball. I love the idea of a mini trip with your
    mum. The hotel looked amazing. Glad you made the trip to Brissy. I love
    it – my favourite city in Aust.

  9. misses MP

    I love the fact that you and your mum take trips like that together! I’m
    gonna do this next year with my mum! ^_^

  10. Paula Bauer

    what a beautiful Vlog, what a wonderful Country, I send xoxo to you and
    your so symphatic Mom

  11. twenty28

    Great vlog Jerusha, I’d love more like this since god knows if I’ll ever
    get to travel to your beautiful country. Your momma is just amazing! :)

  12. Pikot

    The two of you are adorable.myour mom is so cool. Love the thought of Mom
    and daughter bonding.

  13. Sweetiepop

    This vid was so great to watch. Reminds me of my backpacking days In Aus
    circa 2002..if that “down under bar” (in Brisbane) could talk… Ha ha xo 

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