Viking Ship Demolition | Gold Rush

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Gold Rush S05E06 Cursed Cut

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15 thoughts on “Viking Ship Demolition | Gold Rush

  1. Hákon Guðmundsson

    Tony and Parker. Two epic characters. Both have more drive than the
    average guy, and that pisses most people off.

  2. Allen Pent

    He paid $1mil for that piece of ancient rusted shit, that plus all the time
    and money to pull it apart and move it plus refurbish it and get it working
    again. That massive brand new wash plant the hoffmans bought of Freddy
    Dodge was only $300k.. brand new. So if thats all it costs to build a
    massive washplant, then im pretty sure you could build a brand new dredge
    for around the same price… seems to me like he got ripped off. 

  3. rastakim16333

    tony is prolly the most realist dude ever after watching last nights
    episode…but he is not that tough though…minnie is the tough one…

  4. movieslovie

    dont fucking call it a viking ship im from sweden im a fucking viking not
    this man he is from fucking made up land calling holland for fucking sake i
    dont call me a indian 

  5. jon allo73

    Can any of you bleebing prospectors tell me when G.R epos10 is free to
    watch as i have gold fever and need my next dose plz

  6. Johnny called the Chemist

    Thats why Holland and die Nederland is such a great country! Because they
    don’t F… Around! Respect Tony thats why you run things! Salute Jonge

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