Piglet shares his side of the benching and his expectations for Team Liquid’s future

Piglet shares his side of the benching and his expectations for Team Liquid's future

Travis and Barry talk to Piglet about what he went through being on the bench, facing his critics, and his expectations for Team Liquid’s future.
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25 thoughts on “Piglet shares his side of the benching and his expectations for Team Liquid’s future

  1. vvvortic

    its disappointing how clg can take out piglet from japan and bring him into
    south american, then after all of that replace him with another japanian,

  2. Just Annie

    Use this to skip the translation process.
    Question 1
    0:12 – 1:03
    Question 2
    1:23 – 2:23
    Question 3
    2:47 – 4:49
    Question 4
    5:36 – 7:23
    Question 5
    8:02 – 9:43
    Final Statement
    10:26 – 11:21

  3. XxTheHybridxX

    Such an annoying overly long interview. You should cut out the translation
    parts its honestly too much. I stopped watching at 4:50.

  4. z0NN1k

    He is not a world championship winner for nothing,he played in sktt1,but
    when he has solo lanes that r feeding and jungler who doesent help how can
    he carry,he was a monster on sktt1 just coz they all played as 1,nobady had
    any major problems,BUT NOOOOOOOOOO,TL benches him coz his whole team
    feed,not piglet not uzi not gosu anybady could carry his whole team..

  5. Jon Meyers

    Also, Editing should be better. Nobody likes hearing the translator. We
    just want an answer & reply. We don’t need the hour long translation. 

  6. Deathadder

    Damn you guys really need better editing. I know some people want to listen
    to Korean part to hear what he “really” said originally, but at least cut
    out the part where translator translate the question into English. It’s
    really pointless and unnecessary. It probably takes like 2 minutes to cut
    out those parts anyway.

  7. Cassie Lowe

    cut out the translation part holy shit i aint got time to hear that. turned
    off after 2 minutes cause of that

  8. Michael Bodea

    Piglet fighting! I have high hopes for him and lets be respectful! Hes a
    good guy and deserves a fair shot!

  9. Jon Meyers

    Piglet played out of his mind in that game, but when the team decides to
    fight after giving up 5th dragon, just stupid.

  10. TheLostClock

    If I make enough money this year, I want to roster
    Marknoon (Top)
    Swift (Jungle)
    Links (Mid)
    Piglet (Adc)
    Mata (Support)

  11. Mike Taylor

    I feel bad for him it’s clear what the fans say about him affect him some
    what, but esports is becoming more n more like any other sport now and with
    that comes heavy criticism from the fans. I hope he manages to cope n keep
    his head up.

  12. jopsicraft samirsen

    they blame piglet for losing.. quas and fenix was both 0/5 yesterday… and
    he was like 3/1 at that moment..

  13. Matthew Lee

    He’s actually a really good translator. You can tell he speaks fluently in
    both English and Korean

  14. Aaron Yang

    Guy why so many ppl hate team liquid piglet? I think he is very good adc
    like me i am. He seem kawai and col but ppl say he is toxic???

  15. Andre Pham

    Piglets having a hard time 🙁 when he learns more english TL will be one of
    the best teams

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