The Silver Shine – Anyhow (official video)

The Silver Shine Productions © 2013. Directed by Ati EDGE Camera by Peter Mikuska Executive producer: Viktor Molnar First assistant director: Beatrix Molnár-Ardeleán Make up: Anikó Kajdácsi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “The Silver Shine – Anyhow (official video)

  1. HellisLikeNewark

    Her East-Euro accent comes through in her music just a bit. Adds to the

  2. Ephraim Gillming

    Van egy ilyen nagy zenekar! Hallgatta meg, nehéz elhinni, hogy csak három
    van! Teljes hangzású zenekar! (Én translate, így remélhetőleg jobban
    megértsék!) Köszönöm a nagyszerű zenéket.

  3. klops0815

    hmmm … ganz netter sound . aber das mädel hat ja alles bis auf stimme .
    scharecklich , irgendwie

  4. Jay Shields

    Thought I’d try a different sound which is in my genre, and love it, buy an
    album or two to start.

  5. LewistonTrampsBerlin

    0:57 “yeah we play gretsch” hahahaha Great 😀

    unbelievable, that something like this has so many clicks ? its 3:33
    minutes the same chord progression performed in a really boring way. And
    the video is just another clichee story hahaha….

  6. erwin141

    echt geiler Sound nach meinem Geschmack, schade nur das sie sich so stark
    mit sonem Müll zugetackert hat.
    Gegen die vollbärtige Schwuchtel in dem Video ist das nat. noch nix:)

  7. Trippinovermylaces

    i like a girl with ink . she can decorate her body anyway she wants .
    fuckin sexy !!


    That night I saw it bright. Angels sang clear and nice. They crooned and
    whispered your name. After all those wasted years. I felt you were for me.
    And I am here for you my babe. I thought it was just a dream. A nice dream
    that I’ve never seen. That I have never seen before. But now you hold me
    tight. And I know that you are mine. I will never let you go. You can
    smile, you can cry. I will love you anyhow. I will never let you go

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