Adrienne Shares Embarrassing ‘Cheetah Girls’ Audition Story

Adrienne Shares Embarrassing ‘Cheetah Girls’ Audition Story

We all do silly, embarrassing things. Thankfully, most of those experiences turn into funny stories! This is the case with the story of Adrienne’s “Cheetah Girls” audition. Find out why she…
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25 thoughts on “Adrienne Shares Embarrassing ‘Cheetah Girls’ Audition Story

  1. Xander Harrison

    This show is heavily edited. They lack interpersonal skills in real life. I
    also do not understand why they do not put on the entire show online like
    Wendy Williams. That’s what got them a second season. So many viewers
    caught on through the internet and they have abandoned the

  2. nikki cena

    Oh yeah that when she found out Doe was a foster child!(GREAT MOVIE BY THE

  3. KokeyMcCormickkk

    Oh I know the scene she’s talking about lol. It was the scene when Chanel
    found out Dorinda was under foster care.

  4. Kailin Jones

    I know im a true cheetah girls fan because i remember that line from the
    movie and the exact part it was at

  5. Norman Herrington

    Being cast in the Cheetah Girls really was huge for her career. That movie
    is literally like one of the biggest movies from my childhood. Love me some
    Cheetah Girls! 

  6. Cakeandsum Rosesplease

    I know exactly what scene from the movie shes talking bout. I remember
    being a kid and LOL’ing at that scene cuz it was so unnatural. Especially
    when she said “Pura vida” at the end LOL

  7. Tianja Bean

    what a really great story. You are a wonderful young woman. Really enjoy
    and you on the Real

  8. Naidy Tshabalala

    lol Tamera here is my secret im still practicing to laugh just like you,i
    love it lol #noshade 

  9. CayLily

    Not as embarrassing as that awkward silence at 1:36 she was looking to them
    to say something but they didnt so she sipped her drink I’m dying over here

  10. SkibopKpop

    her makeup is terrible, wth… all that contouring on her nose with the
    wrong foundation, mess. she looks like a drag queen

  11. officiallytyshay

    All the Cheetah Girl fans didn’t have to wait to find out what movie that
    was lol.

  12. rko32491

    Lol is it sad that I knew exactly what scene she’s talking about before she
    said Cheetah Girls

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