Hearthstone Absolute Beginners – What should I buy with my Gold?!

Hearthstone Absolute Beginners - What should I buy with my Gold?!

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12 thoughts on “Hearthstone Absolute Beginners – What should I buy with my Gold?!

  1. Whane The Whip

    I played during Beta and just returned. I haven’t even completed the
    initial quests to get 20/20 of the basic cards for each set… I’m about
    half way there I guess. But one thing that was so annoying is that I was
    rewarded a mount for WoW which is completely useless because I finished
    with WoW years ago.

  2. Italianslugger

    My recommendation is watch these guide videos, use the arenavalue website
    and do arenas. I had previously done arena 3 times. First try after
    watching these guides and using arenavalue I finally won a game and went 3
    for 3. My next attempt I went 3 for 3 again. I am still making mistakes
    during play but I am recognizing when I make those mistakes, which before I
    really wasn’t too much. I wish rank had more value to it. For instance, the
    higher rank you are the more gold you can win. I don’t see a reason to go
    any higher than rank 20.

  3. Tabitha Hoxie

    Yeah, I was considering dropping cash on Naxx. It definitely looks like
    it’s worth it, and since I’m seeing Naxx cards everywhere, I’m thinking
    I’ll need to go there before I seriously enter the playing field.

  4. WiggersART

    Very very good tut! Well done! 🙂 but, i would recommend new players to
    wait a few days on the gvg launch. The talk about the naxx cards may go
    straight out the window once gvg hits. 🙂 

  5. SlyCooper92

    If you want to pay for this game I definately recommend you buy naxxramas.
    The price for value is way better than buying packs

  6. havocgr1976

    K I am a noob (in this game not tcgs).Will I be able to win the battles on
    naxxramas with a mediocre Mage deck??

  7. Eric Schwenke

    Blizzard has said that once Goblins vs. Gnomes is released, arena packs
    will only be from that set, making buying packs or crafting cards the only
    ways for beginners to get expert cards. Does this change your

  8. Rachael Holiday

    Didn’t even think about Naxx, since it wasn’t there when i started. But
    you make some really valid points about it. I went with the packs over

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