Will Social Media Crash the Stock Market?

Will Social Media Crash the Stock Market?

Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1xTAE6b How much do you trust a computer algorithm with your money? Today’s stock market trading is carried out by ultra-fast computers, scanning for market…
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25 thoughts on “Will Social Media Crash the Stock Market?

  1. DeanLand Audio

    We get already get fake news, daily. Yes, algorithms use this data
    (incorrectly), daily. Yes, 90x overvalued Social Media stocks WILL crash
    global market – mid 2015. 

  2. Patternicity

    Reputable/popular news sites can be weighted in the algorithm to be more
    significant. Problem solved.

  3. Eric Morrison

    Technology will likely suffer the same problem as capitalism. It’s great
    at first to get things moving and innovating, but crashes down when it
    inevitably becomes corrupted. I just hope machines will use more of their
    logic circuits than we do.

  4. Mark Needham

    It would be interesting if the algorithms in conjunction with social media
    render stock trading irrelevant by means of complete automation. What’s the
    point then? It is just like a slot machine at that point. That would be
    interesting to see what humans did next.

  5. KC-DaGamer

    What the hell is a stock market? The only reason i know the word is from
    gta 5 so yeah…. lol

  6. Muskar

    The financial sector now reigns over half of the world’s economy and
    provide nothing productive to society. So my answer is that I hope silly
    and obsolete concepts like a stock market are gone in the future. Better
    soon than later.

  7. Zeitgeist Movement Polska

    A co jeśli systemy informatyczne poza obstawianiem zachowań giełdowych….
    zaczną tworzyć informacje wpływające na rynki?

  8. Daved Wickidson

    i have the feeling that social media outlets like facebook and twitter will
    not affect it in the way people would expect i think they will become the
    main outlet for things like trading and everything, i had a friend who went
    to wall street and watched trades and everything he found it quite
    interesting. people will be showing thier trades and bids live because
    people would like it and it may have an affect on how sellers look at
    individual buyers… sorry if i didnt make seance 


    Technologies should support human to lead better life. This kind of
    technology will push human into pain.

  10. CrazyBoi269

    And here I thought, Jonathan Strickland was the guy with the glasses and
    the bald guy was Chris when I was listened to the Howstuffworks-tech stuff
    podcast. Boy was I wrong. 

  11. MrRavenXavier

    Well, Twitter is for twits, and I guess enough twits in the right place at
    the right time could fuck up the stock market, or anything else, because
    that’s what twits do.

  12. Zapper Zapped

    I lost $7000 6 years ago trusting my bot on GBP/JPY currency pair!. Had
    almost stopped trading since then.

  13. KuroCartoonist

    wait so were being controlled by robot already? , Sheet the future came
    sooner than I epected, well I better get Rapture if that hasn’t come yet 

  14. ZZDaikun

    The Dow lost 1,000 points in 2.5 seconds?
    Damn it! With all our advanced technology, that’s STILL not fast enough!

  15. Wayne Manzo

    Do you know how easy it is for a Telepathic race to take over Wallstreet? A
    race that can kill people and replace them with Telepaths or change the
    people so they become Telepaths and with all Telepaths you can control the
    future__you can control stock prices__you can control the money flow. How?
    Well Telepaths have a nasty way of becoming “Collective” and that means
    they all think the same and do the same and can be controlled like
    robots__hence, they can be used to control stock prices and commodity
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