3 Ways To Get Coins Fast In Pixel Gun 3D!

Enjoy! The guy who found the first method: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJgCE1w5ASy68xMknBdgySw My Everyplay: https://everyplay.com/cheezah-gamin.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Coins Fast In Pixel Gun 3D!

  1. Cheezah Gamin

    Bob, I can’t reply to your comment? Anyway, I can’t fight now, but I’ll try
    to tell you when I can :

  2. Cheezah Gamin

    I didn’t have time to make an MCPE vid today, but should be able to make
    one on Sunday. I’m really busy at the moment, so I’m still not sure :/

  3. Daniel Hall

    …Old version, now what I do is…Do 1 round of survivel..get a coin then
    restart…roughly 1coin=1min..for me

  4. minecraftlogic2603

    They added time…… NOOOO why…….. all i wanted was coins and xp…
    its all i wanted…….

  5. FreexGaming

    I know how to get 8 coins and 30 or 25 xp go to capture the flag create for
    12 min take as much flags as u can intill the other team doesnt see u and
    be the one on the team with the most of the flags

  6. ender girl

    Yeah but what if u got 5 gems on the winter version with Christmas town and
    have these guns best friend pixel gun sniper the old one with the eye glass
    and the small bazooka with red and white poka-dots? And the fast way to get
    gems and on level 16 which is me

  7. StevenStar18

    *Follow me on Twitter at **http://www.twitter.com/stevenstar18yt** to stay
    up to date with **#MaddenMobile** and channel updates!*

  8. Brick General

    Okay so i have been trying to log into madden mobile for three days now and
    it keeps giving me a message saying that an unknown error has occurred. My
    friends keep telling me that I should delete the game since it keeps doing
    that , and they can get into the game. I dont want to delete it because i
    just pulled a rookie polamalu in legendary pack and I have a 94 OVR team.
    So someone please tell me what I should do and yes i have tried closing the
    app and powering off my phone. Pls tell me what I should do thx. Oh and btw
    keep up the great work man:)

  9. Julius Warren

    Can anyone donate any coins? I dont really pick up on coin making methods
    🙁 I only have 10k. and I’m struggling.

  10. Evan Smith

    I’m getting rid of my whole team!!!!! All golds and a few elites kik me @
    thats_right_boii if you want some

  11. xtkdmike

    New Auction block is sooooooo bad. Snipes are stupid because 2 players
    constantly switch out, literallly making it easier for botting programs and
    harder for players. For example: I had refresh spammed and a franco harris
    98 had popped up. Then I hit refresh again and then something completely
    different that sold 2 auctions ago popped up, then refresh and franco was
    sold. Gg ea

  12. Jon Data

    I love your videos and everything and I have some elite players, should I
    sell them and get packs? Because I can’t get any coins

  13. reggie dupree jr

    Kik: its_me_reggie_ so I had 12 million coins and since I upgraded my team
    I have 3 million and I’m giving it away so kik me if u want some 

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