ABC’s Once Upon A Time – 1×04 The Price of Gold – Sneak Peek 2

ABC's Once Upon A Time - 1x04 The Price of Gold - Sneak Peek 2

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER : @OnceStorybrooke A sneak peek to the fourth episode of Once Upon A Time, airing on November 13, 2011 on ABC. Starring : Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary …
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8 thoughts on “ABC’s Once Upon A Time – 1×04 The Price of Gold – Sneak Peek 2

  1. mysteryjade

    Ashley/Cinderella was pregnant for 28 years. That didn’t sink in until just

  2. clois95

    @rumored If you watch the show you know the daughter/savior came back on
    her 28th birthday (the night when Henry showed up) and when they met he
    said he’s 10, he said “did you gave up a child up for adption ten years ago
    [..] so 28-x=10, x=18. You do the maths.

  3. rumored

    @OfShadowandSubstance Emma was 17 when she gave birth. Henry found her on
    her 28th birthday, and the next morning (second episode) when she says
    something like “don’t you have school?” he says “Duh, I’m ten.” So he must
    have already had his tenth birthday. Unless for some reason nobody
    mentioned that Henry and Emma have the same birthday (and that seems like
    the kind of thing people would mention) she couldn’t have been 18 when she
    gave birth.

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