Devon Franklin Shares REAL Relationship Advice

Devon Franklin Shares REAL Relationship Advice

Got a relationship problem? Devon Franklin has an answer! Love isn’t easy, so the successful executive, pastor and relationship guru stops by “The Real” to help us sort it all out.
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25 thoughts on “Devon Franklin Shares REAL Relationship Advice

  1. La Merveille

    Hmm…. I think Lonnie’s hairstyle is confused… Anywho Great Show! I love
    Devon & Meagan!

  2. Mariah Braxton-Wyatt

    When he started going in at 2:30 mark, I threw a twenty at my phone screen!

  3. RedToeNails026

    If this makes anyone feel better, actual research was done (by researcher
    Shaunti Feldhahn) that:

    -71% of women are still married to their first spouse. The remaining 29%
    includes widow/widowers. The actual divorce rate for first marriages is
    about 20%.

    -65% of women who remarry, are still married to their second spouse. The
    remaining 35% includes widow/widowers. The actual divorce rate for second
    marriages is about 30%. 

  4. Helena Angel

    Lmao that indian guy was on the Tyra Banks Show I believe he thought he was
    the ultimate womanizer thinking he can get any woman he wants and handed
    out his cheap looking modeling cards to them when he would ask them out Lol
    can’t believe I still remembered that. Anyways he has major issues.

  5. Ciara Jones

    hello fellow The Real fans….. got a question for you all (never have I
    ever asked a question on here, from what I can remember)…… let’s have a
    little “fan chat”, shall we: how do you all feel about interfaith
    relationships? I’m asking because Mr. Devon Franklin & his wife are both of
    the same faith (I.e. Christians) & from what I can see, they are SO happy &
    in love with one another. I would like to believe that part of the main
    reason is because they have the same values & beliefs as I also feel the
    both of them shape an individual’s life. am I making sense? anywho, what
    are you guys’ thoughts on dating outside of your faith? think it could work
    or is it just a set up for eventual disaster? let’s keep it respectful &
    civil guys ;-)

  6. OH Martha

    I’m sorry
    i have to say this again LONI DOES NOT FIT
    which award show is she going too ???

  7. Beluya Bee

    So this is the man Meagan good married.. caught me off guard. What is up
    with this show. I saw that indian guy on a dating show called “Take me out”
    and according to other comments he was on doctor phil and tyra. Is it too
    much to find genuine people instead of actors.. tf. They are slowly loosing
    every ounce of credibility they have in my eyes. So much so that Im
    expecting them to lie about everything.

  8. mosez100

    okay i love Devon and Meagan, but God knows I’m not buying this book, they
    haven’t even been married for more than 5 years, pls let me what the hell
    they know about dealing with relationships and hard times?? they are still
    in their honeymoon stage if you ask me. A book from TD Jakes I’ll read, his
    been married to the same woman for years n years now, they’ve raised kids
    together, gone through ups n downs, that’s a story you can learn from

  9. 1rkhachatryan

    Aisha that hair girl D:!! You wanna stop your marriage from getting stale,
    get a new weave.

  10. Nipah ann

    Just saying,Tamar is such a beautiful woman.
    I prefer her with the black hair and a very natural makeup.

  11. Michie Oo

    That guy Shawn, if I’m not mistaken, hes on youtube somewhere. Hes like a
    show off type of guy..showing off saying that he can get any girl blah
    blah, hes about the party life, stay fresh to death, alot of crap…i think
    its called show stoppers

  12. D wan

    ooooh this is my first time actually hearing him and what he’s about! bring
    him back and let him replace that other guy that gives the horrible advice
    on men.. the one loni was flirting with the first time…. yess Devon! 

  13. Claudia Butler

    This guy is great! He told the truth! Amen! Lol! Ive been married for
    almost 4 yrs now and my parents told me this stuff before I got married. It
    really works! And they have been married for 22 yrs! :-)

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