Audiostrobelight – California Gold Rush

From the album “What You’re Running From” Produced by Will Pugh Mixed by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount Little Heart Records 2013 iTunes: …
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Another lesson from Folgers Frets and another song by Ed Sheeran! This week we’re looking at Gold Rush off his Dulux+ album. Proper good choon hope you enjoy 🙂

50 thoughts on “Audiostrobelight – California Gold Rush

  1. ChubeFootball - Freekicks and Tricks

    Amazing song ! Would it be a problem if I could use this song in one of my
    videos? :)

  2. BillyTheJoker

    This is the best song I ever heard !!!! Where can I find the lyrics? Greets
    from Germany

  3. Cheyenne8o6

    In your capo version, in the ‘chorusy bit’, did you miss a chord? Its goes
    from the Am, to the G and thats it but in your other versions, there are
    three chords for the chorus…

  4. Curlypigy

    On your second version do you mind listing down the chords with the lyrics
    on the description?Thanks love. Your tutorials are brilliant. :’)

  5. FolgersFrets

    Thank you for making me realize why I do my videos. fucking troll. 1) I do
    not shape my eyebrows. 2) Im not gay 3) Even if I was, why does it matter?
    I’m not forcing you to watch my video, if you don’t like my face don’t
    watch it!!!! Also for the record, did you not notice the Sainsburys shirt??
    I worked in a bakery and wore a hat all day, thus the messy hair. Anyway
    thanks for the comment, let me know when you have over 1000 subscribers and
    250000+ views yeah? Prick.

  6. steiner994

    Could you please upload a vid of you playing this song all the way through
    using the bar chords please 🙂

  7. jsr9422

    fuck me… i commented before actually watching the video…now paused 40
    seconds in Im tempted not to learn because of your face. Even if you are
    gay, men are not supposed to shape and style their eyebrows, it and you
    just look so superficial….nothing like an ed sheeran…..maybe try
    teaching ppl to play a lady gaga or one direction song.

  8. FolgersFrets

    @fishballs1992 that’s because they are barr chords. For example an E Major
    chord can be played like 022100 and 079997

  9. Chris Johnson

    Thanks… We loved it! Could you write the chords order in the description
    please? Thanks 🙂

  10. GiniaIsAwesome

    so the strumming pattern is basically downstrokes and your stumming on the

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